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Re: Nezushi poetry
« Reply #30 on: March 02, 2015, 09:37:34 am »
Oh man, it's been months, buuuut there's a Nezushi poem that I can't not share.
Technically, it's not formally a Nezushi poem and I take no credit for it, but everything about it just seems to fit so perfectly. ;__;

also, I am absolutely in love with all the poems that have been shared thus far. D:
I loved the imagery in Vox's I Am the East Wind and the love that it screams. would you mind if I reblogged it on tumblr
Ahiku's was so beautiful and poetically tragic that I clutched my heart in pain.
I also really liked "Artist and Illusion," how you can truly see the artist and his illusion, and how the tone of the sonnet changes with a simple "But." It really felt like I was being swept along by Eve's performance and then it ended and I'm back in my apartment again. *sigh*

I have next to no literary skills for poetry, but it's so clear that in all the poems each word was chosen with utmost care and not a single line was wasted. Thank you for sharing these!! ^^