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Re: Nezushi poetry
« on: May 12, 2014, 11:18:53 am »
Hi Vox! ^^
I like your poem, it's really cute. But may I ask why you didn't continue the rhyme scheme you've used in the first two strophes?

Ah, btw. I also have written a poem for my very first Nezumi x Shion fanfiction.
Nezumi used to sing it for his audience when he wandered and needed money. XD

A solitary star is twinkling far away,
While wandering beneath the glowing moonlit sky,
An urban silhouette appears in my mind’s eye,
A distant place which isn’t meant for me to stay.

Bright mountains and rivers, wild forests and the sea…
Oh, lovely vagrant life along the beaten paths,
Whereas I am diverging from my foretime’s wraths,
At times I wonder if you’re still awaiting me…

The meandering way’s ablaze with sunset glow,
Wild asters and snowdrops awake longing in me…
Distracted heart; oh why’s my soul in agony?
Recalling the vow we’ve made a long time ago.
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