Author Topic: Post links to your new fanfiction here! :3  (Read 906 times)


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Re: Post links to your new fanfiction here! :3
« on: April 17, 2015, 07:48:42 am »
Thank you listenforthelove for so long comment. I'm happy you like it. Finely next chapter X_x

I was going to write more, until end of current Recovery arc, but I think from tomorrow I will start draw second part of "long winter" doujin. I will go to my boyfriend, I could draw there but I don't want to bring my drawing tablet and programs through half country. So first finishing drawing, programming it to post itself on May 6th, then back to writing.

Anyway 5th chapter turned into long one, 6th will be shorter, then finely time skip (not long one this time, only like 2-3 weeks) to Fight Arc.