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tounge-twist-nezushi's fanfictions
« on: May 17, 2014, 03:29:22 pm »
This is where all my stories will go, you can add yours if you want to :3 there is only one so far but hopefully there will be more soon ^^

In Their Own Heaven

When Shion dies, Nezumi decides to end his life as well. When he ends his life, someone very special to him is waiting for him in their own little heaven.
This will also be downloadable or viewable too in an attachment

Nezumi continued to sit on that same white chair in the hospital thinking this was all a nightmare and he would wake up. He had just been informed that Shion had died and that they were terribly sorry for his loss. The words could not even begin to describe what he was feeling... sadness, grief, loss, anger. They were only the beginning of what his emotions stirred as he banged his hand on the chair, his head low as tears fell freely out. It seemed like hours had passed on when in reality it had only been a few minutes that he had been sitting there. He had already lost so much so why was Elyurias or anyone for that matter punishing him even more?

Nezumi had just gotten back when he heard the news and of course he ran straight to the hospital when heard it from Shion's mama who had just looked at him with grief and sorrow. She had sat him down and explained to him that Shion had gotten very sick and he could no longer hold on. Part of that he thought was because of how long he took getting back, so of course he  blamed himself immediately. He had to swallow that lump down when he entered the hospital and had found the room Shion was staying in. He carefully yet slowly began to go toward the bed that Shion layed in, his eyes shut and never to reopen again. Gripping the bars on the bed hard until his knuckles were white, he again let those tears fall down on Shion's face as he rested his forehead on Shion's.

Nezumi couldn't look at him anymore so instead he gave him a farewell kiss, no goodbye kiss like he promised, just a farewell kiss and a kiss that meant he would see him soon. His legs began to lead him out of the room and onto the top of the building after climbing stair after stair. He looked at the scenery a cool breeze met his face and he took in every sound, every noise, every touch before getting that oh so familliar knife out of his pocket. He had told Shion when they first met that if had been a knife in his hand he would have been dead. His tongue clicked as he swallowed that same lump that threatened to come up and smiled at the sun.

"I'll see you soon Shion, I... love you" He whispered before the blade had cut that same spot Nezumi had put the spoon when they were 12 years old. He fell with a surprisingly soft thud as he lay there motionless, no more breathing, no more warm touch, no nothing. Instead when he awoke, he found himself on grass that had been cut and a cloudy sky above confusing him but also making him smile. He quietly got up on his feet and looked at what...  no, who was in front of him. That same airhead he had fallen in love with was waiting for him with a smile and hand out to greet him. A shake ofhis head and a soft smile came onto his face as he walked towards him and smiled grabbing that gentle hand.

"Welcome home... Nezumi. I told you I would wait for you anywhere"

I know... but your still an airhead, even in heaven" He chuckled smiling as lips met one another and arms wrapped around each other's waists, glad to have one another even in their own little heaven.

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