Author Topic: Comparison between No.6 and The Song of Achilles  (Read 402 times)


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Re: Comparison between No.6 and The Song of Achilles
« on: May 21, 2015, 07:48:39 pm »
Thank you for the welcome!

Also, great point about Patroclus and Shion being surprisingly good fighters when necessary! Gotta protect dat bae, right?

I'm currently waiting for volume's 6-9 of the manga to ship to my house from Amazon since no website seems to host them post-licensing (also want to support the author).
I'll definitely update with anything else I find once they get here!

So far, the manga > anime, but I still love the anime. Has anyone read the novel version? Is it significantly different enough to warrant a separate read?

I also strongly recommend everyone take a gander at The Song of Achilles, because if you love No.6 (which, being on this forum, I hope you do) then you will absolutely adore it.
Madeline Miller took TEN YEARS writing that book as accurately to legend as possible and it shows. Sadly, I noticed she doesn't seem to be working on anything else. I'm a fairly hard core fan of Rick Riordan and that man puts out books at an amazing pace!

(Side note: for some reason, hard core as one word appears as ****? Anyone know why?)