Author Topic: If Nezumi had the chance to grow up with his different would he be?  (Read 705 times)


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I agree :)

Nezumi's really intelligent but doesn't seem to have any intentions of using his brains as a job career. He shows a pretty laid back and lazy tendency in the novels so I'd think he'd be one of those unmotivated geniuses who has one topic (classic books and acting) that holds his whole interests and passion.
Which means he would still be snarky and probably quite bossy and maybe even arrogant. And sassy. Definitely sassy.
But as @Ahiku said: He'd also be more affectionate. He wouldn't have learned to fear human touch and relationships so he may act more on his feelings. Plus, he wouldn't suppress his feelings like he does in the canon No.6 story. And he would laugh more ^^