Author Topic: If Nezumi had the chance to grow up with his different would he be?  (Read 705 times)


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I think about this a lot. ;__;

Quote from: Volume 1 Chapter 1 Part C
"You just took in an escaped VC and didn't report it to the Bureau. ...If they find that out, that's even bigger trouble. They're not gonna let you off easily."
"I know."
Nezumi suddenly grabbed my arm. His thin fingers dug into my flesh.
"Do you really? I mean, it's not my problem what happens to you, but if you end up being wiped out because of me, I wouldn't like that. I'd feel like I did something horrible..."
"That's considerate of you."
"Mama always told me, 'don't cause trouble for other people," he said lightly.
"Then are you gonna leave?"
"No. I'm tired, and there's a hurricane outside. And I've finally got a bed. I'll sleep here."
"Make up your mind."
"Papa always told me to separate my public manners from my private feelings."
"Sounds like a great father."
His fingers withdrew from my arm.
"I guess I was lucky that you were strange," Nezumi said softly.

I also wonder how much of this is Nezumi making stuff up or if it was really something his parents had taught him.
Given the situation, it seemed like he was telling the truth...  If that's the case, then it's very possible Nezumi could have been a very polite boy. XD Sarcastically well-mannered? that sounds quite a bit like novel!Shion