Author Topic: If Nezumi had the chance to grow up with his different would he be?  (Read 705 times)


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Maybe he would be nicer, I really got image of him as a good kid in beyond when he and gran sit around campfire. He was cute and he had dreams and hope.

Word! Nezumi was a very good kid. He loved Gran a lot, he was worried when she cried and didn't want her to cry, didn't want her to be hurt...
I don't think she was entirely bad and I think she also loved Nezumi. She rescued him after all and she just tried to protect him and to prepare him in case she's not surviving the next day. It was probably some kind of mental abuse in his case, but they lived in a harsh world and when they wanted to survive they had to be like that.

And he's not like Gran wanted him to be. ^^ Especially not around Shion... he broke down his walls so easily... no wonder he's afraid of him. X'D
But just like kare_reiko says, he's sooo deeply traumatized, I don't think that he'll ever be completely okay, but I think time helps him a lot.
He need time for himself to clarify things with himself. Shion is more the talker type. And I think after all those events, he's similar traumatized. They just handle their traumata completely differently. >,<