Author Topic: Names in No. 6  (Read 2830 times)


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Re: Names in No. 6
« Reply #30 on: February 24, 2015, 05:43:16 am »
@listenforthelove: I decided to look up Safu's name in Japanese to see what it'd come up with. and Google tells me that it's sort of an archaic name that gives an old feeling (maybe something akin to 'Agatha' in the English language) but also that whoever has this name is predicted to be a "strong, independent woman" who is generally super responsible in a family. XDD ( Maybe Asano-sensei wasn't actually going for plant-people-names in No.6, but just by what she liked. :[ .. considering how Lili's friend, Ei, also had a non-leafy name.

@Curiousscarletteyes: I love that hypothesis! Maybe Rou, as a researcher of the time, wanted to create this Utopian No.6 and desired "Elysium" so he hoped his fascination with this goddess-like being will also bring about great happiness and cookies?

I never quite understood the naming sense of the regions of No.6 either (like, randomly Chronos, then Lost Town?? wut).
but I'd be thrilled to think that she snagged a bit of it from Greek Mythology.