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Re: Names in No. 6
« Reply #30 on: February 24, 2015, 07:16:08 am »
@Meopat: thanks for the link, that's very interesting! It looks like it's fortune-telling based on the number of strokes in the kanji, so I'm not sure in how far it says something about the meaning of the name itself, but the meaning for a name with 7 + 5 = 12 strokes according to that link is: "A strongly independent spirit. Strong during crises. Becomes the person in charge in the family/household. A man is loved by the parents of the bride; a woman marries an oldest son."
Though you usually have to use both first and last name for these, that does fit Safu quite a bit. It's just as possible Asano picked names based on these fortune tellings instead of meaning of the kanji themselves.

I still think that too many of the characters have leafy names for it to be a coincidence, also taking the themes of the story into account - though as you said, Ei's name doesn't and a few others also don't, so it's not entirely consistent. Lili is probably intentionally leafy if anything, though. That's hard to miss in either Japanese or English.

No. 6 has rather typical names to begin with, actually. Aside from Shion and the names that are nicknames, I haven't heard of most of them outside of No. 6, but then again, it's very possible my world view is limited there. Either way, that's why I tend to focus on the kanji; I'm tempted to think there was a reason Asano picked these names with these writings specifically.

I wonder if the place names have something to do with status, like how Chronos/Kronos sounds super sophisticated because ohhh Greek? Much like how important buildings in our world have been built in the likeness of ancient Greek architecture? But then the Moon Drop is Tsuki no Shizuku again, so it's back to Japanese. Ehhhh.
Speaking of, I wonder why it's called Moon Drop to begin with?
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