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Re: Names in No. 6
« Reply #30 on: February 24, 2015, 10:23:04 am »
@Ahiku: Forest Park is Japanese: Shinrin kouen, but it's in the dictionary, so it might just be the generic name rather than a given one (e.g. the same as capitalizing City). West Block is Nishi burokku, so that's a mix, except burokku is commonly used in Japanese anyway to refer to a block of houses etc, so it might be considered Japanese (loan word) instead of English.
I forgot about one - Correctional Facility is also Japanese: kyousei shisetsu.

... I really have no idea, haha. Especially Lost Town all of a sudden. Maybe it just sounds fancy? Like 'let's pretend it's nice and give it a catchy English name so it sounds better'? But yeah, it'd make sense that Moon Drop is in the language everyone understands, good one.
Hmm, I guess it does make sense then. Except Lost Town. Still, eh, Lost on that XD;

Ohh, I had no idea moondrop was a kind of plant! It's indeed named differently in Japanese if wiki is to be trusted, but hey, more leafy things! ;) (I have no idea what the image of a moon drop would be though... I mean, a drop that came from the moon? The building looks like a beehive for all the obvious reasons, I really have no idea why they'd call it moon drop. Maybe eerie sounds = midnight = moon? Stretch-stretch-stretch?)