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Re: Names in No. 6
« Reply #30 on: February 26, 2015, 03:35:06 am »
@listenforthelove: Thank you for explaining that page to me!! :d I'm half-literate in Japanese so I tend to space out and misinterpret things. You're also quite right in that Asano used very particular names for these characters. (Getsuyaku?! Really!?) We could try and interpret why she chose each kanji for each of the No.6-residential characters, but something about how rushed Vol 9 was also tells me that it's possible she never fully brought out the characters' full potentials. :C so it feels like we'll never know why Getsuyaku was named Moon-Medicine T_T

@Ahiku: So the Moon Drop is a flower and we have a bunch of killer bees in this story. XD IS THIS HAPPENING.
But omg, it totally makes sense for the Blocks to just be referred to as North, East, South, West just to be degrading. :c
The origins of Lost Town seems to be lost on us. I wish the interview with her in the Completed Guidebook also mentioned name origins. T_T ... but if it did, we wouldn't be having all these fascinating conversations :d

@Curiousscarletteyes: That's so interesting that Kronos was king of the Elysian Isles! I really wonder if it was named "Kuronosu" just to embody both Father Time and the Titan Kronus. Father Time, I quote Wiki, was said to have a "serpentine shape." (Though I'm not really sure what that implies? Since all the statues of him depict a very human shape. Maybe it's considered serpentine because he is always sitting and that makes an S shape??) and I feel with this background knowledge about the Titan Kronus that the name (Kuronosu) really fits for the elite members who'll bring No.6 to prosperity.

and now, this is totally wild and partially nonsensical fangirl theorizing, but suppose Chronos is the serpent of the No.6 Moondrop / flower. Asters are meant to ward snakes away. (only after you burn them, but that can be up for interpretation) doesn't this essentially set the stage for Shion being vital in overthrowing No.6? Feels like a complete stretch, but it's a fun theory. (of course, it also doesn't clue in on why Nezumi is Nezumi aside from his majestic grey eyes. D: )