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Re: Names in No. 6
« Reply #45 on: February 27, 2015, 07:13:38 am »
@Meopat: yeah, it's a shame... so many characters just have no name at all, even quite important ones (though that might have been on purpose). Well, the kanji for medicine does have the radical for 'grass' in it, indicating a leafy origin, so I guess that's where it might come from re: Getsuyaku... But I've never ever heard that name before and even the English manga spelled it wrong once, possibly because it's so uncommon XD;

Japanese really doesn't differentiate between Chronos and Kronos; I'm guessing they always need to explain which one they're talking about when discussing mythology, because it literally is Kuronosu in both cases, not just in No. 6. I can only find that 'serpentine shape' thing on wiki and on the website that wiki copied it from, so I have no idea how accurate that is... so many clashing sources for mythology, and apparently even in antiquity they were already confusing the two deities because of the similar names.

@AoYokai: ah, I see! Quite curious to your idea about the self-fulfilling prophecy, so if you ever feel like it, please share?

I personally think Cronus/Kronos (can I just pick Kronos, it's what we Dutchies use XD) fits well because A) overthrew his father/predecessor, with help of Mother Earth if you want to tie that in, and B) got overthrown himself by the very people it tried to oppress/eat to avoid that from happening. I'm pretty sure his wife Rhea sought help from Gaia/Mother Earth for that too, actually.
... Would the birth of Aphrodite fit in there somewhere, I wonder. Because she was born when Kronos chopped off his dad's, eh, crown jewels and tossed them in the sea XD;

Oh, something else I just realized: in Roman mythology, their god Saturn was merged with the deity Kronos. Saturn was more benevolent than Kronos, but more interestingly, he was associated with agriculture among other things (his scythe later became part of the imagery of Father Time partly because of the Chronos/Kronos confusion, apparently, but that as an aside). In Japanese, the planet Saturn is dosei, which means 'earth/soil star' (and Satur-day is Do-youbi, earth/soil day).
... that probably wasn't super relevant, but hey earthy words!

I'll go shut up now about mythology how about that. Oops.