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Re: Names in No. 6
« Reply #45 on: August 05, 2015, 06:11:06 am »
Oh my god @Ahiku that is adorable! (Hm, my kanji add-on informs me that the kanji on its own without 'mi' behind it can also mean full moon. Make of that what you will. Nocturnal and all XD) And meh, Shion is technically a girl's name too so psh Nozomi can totally work.
And Ne'chu'mi omigosh. Mouse sounds and kisses! XD
... must say though, I still associate Nozomi with the shinkansen. GOOD, THE FASTER HE CAN RETURN TO SHION.

@lawlya: oh, that's interesting, I didn't know that! Is that universal or does it depend on the language? Is that a thing that even depends on the language or am I spewing nonsense again...