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Re: No. 6's location
« on: November 09, 2014, 03:01:48 am »
A new fic? Yay! \(*o*)/

Ahhhh, @listenforthelove, @lawlya and I have talked about No. 6's location in the time line thread... I know... pretty off topic lol)

I think it's starting here...

It's quite a lot, so I'm not posting everything here.
Just a little summarization.

I think all of us came to the conclusion that No. 6 could be Tokyo, because of the climatic condistions. Even though they regulate the weather within the city walls, we still have the West Block... hot summers, cold winters (but there's no snow at all, maybe a bit. The ground is frozen. But even if it's not frozen people can freeze to death when they don't have enough food and proper clothes... and when you're used to warm temperatures it can be harsh when you suddenly have to live somewhere else where it is significantly colder.

Hm, I ever thought about gold, but I think Japan had some gold mines, too.
Ok, it says it WAS a gold mine... and it's in Toi which is not too far from Tokyo (maybe 2-3 hours per train).
Ah, i'm not so much into Beyond at the moment... does Shion's father really know that there's a gold mine around the city or does he think there's gold? o.o