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Re: No. 6's location
« on: November 09, 2014, 06:03:49 am »
First of all: yess new fic! \o/

Secondly, haha, yes, as @Ahiku said, we went off-topic a bit in the timeline topic and sort of discussed this...

I still maintain that it's very likely No. 6 is in Japan, or even Tokyo, for reasons @Ahiku mentioned. And wasn't No. 6 the most advanced of the cities, technology-wise and so on?

Regarding resources: Chronos uses solar energy, whereas Lost Town uses RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel). Which is... what it says on the tin, haha. Chronos used that too before switching to solar energy. The East and South blocks are used for agriculture and provide most of the vegetables and meat for No. 6. So it became self-sufficient, and doesn't need to rely on oil I suppose. (Though Rikiga's car is old and still uses petroleum/whatever, if memory serves. I think the other cars are electrical?)
And you're right, if it is on an island, it would account for the isolation (and mirror Japan's position in history for a good couple of centuries, actually).

On the other hand... Nezumi says to have walked for half a year by the time he meets Shion's father, so unless he conveniently forgot to mention he had to take a boat at some point - huh?

Oh wow, I totally misread @Ahiku's post  on the Toi mines and thought it read Toi8, oops. XD;
As for Beyond, Shion's father does show Nezumi actual gold:

“Is this... gold ore?”
“Yes. Listen to me: there are gold deposits in the area around No. 6. I don’t know how large the area is, but I think there’s a considerable amount of gold hidden there.”
“No way.”
“It’s true. I discovered it when I was younger. I might look like this now, but I was once a geologist. We investigated all soil around No. 6, and this was part of the discovery.”

I don't see why he should be lying about where he got the gold, but yeah, I don't really trust the guy. <<

(Also, I went to Asuka and the Manyo museum this year; the museum is located where Japan's first known mint was. Asuka was the not-really-but-sort-of capital before Nara, which was the capital in the 8th century. So I assume there must be some kinds of metals in Japan to make coins with in the first place, unless they imported it all as early as that? I'm not exactly well-read on the natural occurrences of gold and gold mines, though.)

And there is something else I meant to discuss, maybe in a thread of its own, but it might be relevant here... I always kind of felt Elyurias was like a kami, a Shinto god. I really need to dig up my readings to make a more accurate post on that, but yeah, that does feed into my idea that No. 6 is in Japan.
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