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Re: No. 6's location
« on: November 09, 2014, 02:56:19 pm »
I thought the Mao forest was right there where No. 6 is now and that the Forest Park is a part of the former Mao forest. They killed the Mao people to grab their land? I think there's a difference between Northern forest and Mao forest. But I can't say it for sure.

Hmmm, I googled a little bit and found a forest called "Maolan" in Libo Country, China.
The forest is a karst forest... characterized by underground drainage systems with sinkholes, dolines, and caves. (Something like that could be right under the CF...)
About the forest:
According to statistics, the karst forest is a rare original forest to survive with Central Asian tropical karst features. The forest and karst formations create an ecological system of profound scientific value. It provides a natural science museum of karst formations for scientific research as well as particularly fascinating scenery. Unlike most other karst scenic areas, which are usually barren, the Maolan forest integrates hills, waters, underground caves and green trees, presenting a beautiful picture.

The province is Guizhou...
Overall Guizhou is a mountainous province however it is more hilly in the west while the eastern and southern portions are relatively flat. The western part of the province forms part of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau..
Guizhou has a subtropical humid climate. There are few seasonal changes. Its annual average temperature is roughly 10 to 20 C, with January temperatures ranging from 1 to 10C and July temperatures ranging from 17 to 28 C.

Ok, there are a few changes.. but well, when it's 1C i winter and 28C in summer there are changes.
Maybe it's a bit too much in the south... and it doesn't say if there are mountains in the north.
But it's a whole province. No. 6 does't seem to be extremely huge. ^^

So... it's in the south. Uh...I dunno... does the book say if the mountains are close? I mean there's the Northern Forest... the mountains could be far away. ^^
And when you look at a map... there are defiitely mountains in the north. (But well, more in the west. oo)
Faaaar in the north are the. But not too far.
(Ah...ok, I can't use google maps links here. XD Ok... I'll post a picture instead...)

And gold... there's also gold in the province Guizhou.

Ok here's a map...

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