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Re: No. 6's location
« on: November 09, 2014, 03:37:21 pm »
@Ahiku: I actually thought that the forest itself was outside of No. 6 until it started to expand more? In the novels, that is. I'm gonna dig them up, hang on.

In volume 9, it says:

Before No. 6 was born, this area was a miraculously preserved stretch of beautiful, abundant forest. I said miraculous, but this land―its forests, woods, and lakes― was actually meant to survive. Elyurias and the Forest People protected this realm. It was because of her that this land's wildlife was spared damage.
Rou was a member of a revival project team chosen to design and build No. 6 on this land. Before No. 6 was created, there used to be a small, pretty town at the edge of the forest. People who survived through the waste and decay lived modestly here in a tightly-knit community. This town was the mother of No. 6. Bright young people were chosen from that town to form a team to build a utopian city.


The town being the Town of Roses, whose people didn't know about the Forest People. So then it would be a big area under Elyurias that the forest and the future No. 6 happen to be a part of?

And in the epilogue:
Promise them a land where they can live in peace. Shion had forwarded Rou's short message to the Restructural Committee, and gotten permission to allocate a part of the northern forest to those people. The land was on the outskirts of Mao, where the Forest People used to live. The dense
expanse of forest protected their eyes, which were sensitive to bright sunlight because of the darkness they were accustomed to.

... That doesn't actually clarify it one bit, huh. Still not sure if Mao is the name of the area or of the actual forest.

I got the impression the Forest Park was entirely man made, actually... I mean, all of the plants and animals there were managed on a nanoscale level, which was why Shion didn't like it.

Wahhh I got side tracked again, sorry ;;; but that is super interesting! And I guess 'North of No. 6' does not necessarily have to mean 'North on the map'? Or does it... Hm. But yeah, aside from a stray hill in the North Block, no actual mountains are mentioned as being seen in the story I think, so I doubt they're all that close. Like, relatively close, but not 'oh look it's a mountain in our backyard' close.

I have no idea how big No. 6 is - it doesn't look super big on the map, but it does have trains? And it's self-contained because there's nothing in between the cities (or so it is said anyway), so it's not like those trains will run outside of No. 6. So it's at the very least a pretty large city then, otherwise who would need trains... (It also has an airport as mentioned, but I suppose those planes do actually go to the other cities, so that doesn't say much about the scale of No. 6 itself.) But it could easily be just a part of a former bigger area or province, if it's only one part that got protected by the Forest People and Elyurias.

But if No. 6 is indeed in China, that sounds like a likely candidate, and actually a forest called MAOlan! Nice found!!

ETA: I just realized I completely forgot to link to the map I've been referring to. Here it is. (It's in the guide and in the earlier volumes of the novels - it's pretty much the same as the map in the manga, though, which has a slightly different drawing style but that's it, I believe.)
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