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Re: No. 6's location
« on: November 09, 2014, 05:07:00 pm »
@Ahiku: I actually thought that the forest itself was outside of No. 6 until it started to expand more? I'm gonna dig up the novels, hang on.

Ah... yeah, but No. 6 wanted the land...

Volume 6, chapter 5 says a couple of things about it. For example:

"My people, Shion―we were once called the Forest People. Even before No.6... no, even before the Town of the Rose, which would become the beginnings of No. 6, we lived in the forest, and it was our home. We were in harmony―true harmony with the wind, the earth, the water and the sky, and with animals and plants. For all of that time."

That's why I thought they lived there... o.o and the city cut down parts of the forest.

"Yes, Shion. The Forest People used to inhabit this land. That is why so much nature has managed to remain miraculously intact."

"Shion, you probably had no idea it was happening, but No. 6 was still burgeoning when you were born. They tried to swallow every single piece of land which was suitable for their habitation and make it their own. They concluded that we were in the way. We were people of the forest―we obeyed the laws of the forest, but refused to worship anything else. We refused to become part of No. 6. Back then, the wall was finishing up at a considerable speed. Only those on the inside of the silver wall were to be treated like humans. As for those outside, they could invade it or destroy it however they liked―that was becoming No. 6's stance. And in accordance with it, they invaded the entire forest, and stole it from us. You understand what I'm saying?"

"So No. 6 invaded your forest, destroyed it, and went on extending its territory."

"That's right. It was around where the airport is now. The woods that dot the place are the remnants of the forest. They must've wanted land to make a runway on. A few years after the massacre, No. 6's walls stretched out into the form they are today."

Ok... somehow I always thought that most of the nature in No. 6 was part of the Mao forest before that... They can still controll it afterwards, thin it out, regulate everything... But especially trees need a while to grow.

Ah, this chapter is really interesting... there's also another description of No. 6's location.

There was once a city here as well. It was a beautiful city. There was an almost miraculous amount of abundant nature still left intact on this stretch of land. Admittedly, there was no ocean―but there were deep forests, lakes and marshes, and plains. Yes: it was indeed miraculous. It was a place of miracles, like the rose that blooms in the midst of blasted pieces of rubble.

So, yeah... no ocean. So it's definitely not on an island. Japan is game over. XD