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Re: No. 6's location
« Reply #15 on: June 29, 2015, 02:56:52 pm »
I did not research really... but my imagination just took me to China, the region closer to Korea, it would roughly fit the climate (always depending on how much the climate would change after warfare) though I think it would be likely for that area...
A rough (large) estimate would be somewhere around the provinces Jilin, Liaoning or Shandong.

I can't say exactly why, but for some reason I don't think it would be the Hebei or Beijing region and certainly not Shanghai. Maybe it just wouldn't feel right to be that close to any major international population centers. And Hebei struck me as very barren, too. (Though I can't judge well... I've been on the train for around 16 hours by then and I was traveling hard-class (hard seats only = very tiring, especially when the train is even stuffed enough to have people lounging in the isle and standing around.).)

To me it was always obvious that No.6 clearly had a lot of influences from Japan, yet it was definitely diverse. Rikiga's character struck me as definitely having caucasian influences as did some things withing No. 6. Now with places the drawings/designs certainly had influence. Though while reading I did recognise a somewhat Japanese/Asian culture, yet, I had the feeling Asano did include things that would be a bit untypical for Japan and more typical for more Western customs... At least more than today's Japanese culture has.

Then the name for the "Mao" forest/people... That name just strikes me as something more Chinese sounding (yes, I'm totally taken in by cliché here...) and they were considered 'ancient' and well, it would fit for the mixture of cultures living in No. 6 name them something that sounds cliché for the land that has once been there (for a very, very long time, China has a long history after all).

I also wondered how the rest of the world has changed/shifted... it has been said before, things were flooded and I guess weapons could have changed stripes of land into very different things... so the map could look a bit different than we know it.

But well, no serious research here, it's mainly based on a little bit of experience and a (not really) educated guess.