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Re: No. 6 translations
« on: December 17, 2014, 02:49:42 pm »
Ah, this is super interesting! A Dutch translation would probably never happen (unless I do it I guess), so I don't have a lot to contribute here, but it's super interesting to read these! Thank you, @Ahiku~

'Stadtpark' for Forest Park is really a strange choice... Hm. Fairly sure it's literally 'Forest Park' in Japanese. I'll need to look up Security Bureau to tell you what that is in Japanese exactly, but I can do that this weekend. If memory serves, it wasn't as straightforward with only one possible interpretation, though...

Makes sense they kept Inukashi as Inukashi if they also kept Nezumi, but it's interesting they are sort of going with gendered pronouns anyway. I paid attention to it in English, and they kept clear of any pronouns until the very last pages of volume 9, so I can't help but wonder if the German version couldn't have rephrased it a little to avoid the pronouns altogether.

Addressing Rikiga like that sounds accurate, haha. Guess German (and Dutch too, we also have two forms of politeness for second person) lends itself pretty well for some Japanese politeness levels.

Eve to Yves is... eh, wow. I'll freely admit it never dawned on me as I read the novels that Eve was used as the female name (I sincerely thought it was short for 'evening' because with mice being nocturnal and all...), but why would they go with 'Yves' over 'Eve'? Yves is a French name, right? There's not a lot of French to be spotted in No. 6 aside from the cravats, all loan words for new terms are English (Lost Town, violence chip etc)... イヴ is indeed used for Yves in Japanese, but still. Especially considering that the manga does clearly show Eve is in female attire... and Yves is a male name. Huh. I mean, not to push everyone into gender boxes, but still. They have the entire manga to work from, it's not like they don't know what will be shown later on XD; (and that one bonus comic in volume 3 (? I think?) won't work in German, then, with Shion asking 'Eve' to read from the Bible...)

To how many languages has No. 6 now been translated, anyway? I know the manga also got translated to Polish recently, and the novels got partially translated into French, I think - how many other languages, does anyone know?