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Re: No. 6 translations
« on: December 17, 2014, 04:41:13 pm »
Makes sense they kept Inukashi as Inukashi if they also kept Nezumi, but it's interesting they are sort of going with gendered pronouns anyway. I paid attention to it in English, and they kept clear of any pronouns until the very last pages of volume 9, so I can't help but wonder if the German version couldn't have rephrased it a little to avoid the pronouns altogether.

Hm. It's really, really difficult. Because you always need a female or male gender to define certain things. So you have to change a lot when you want to make it genderless. ^^°
If you want to keep it genderless, you always have to use the name, but that's pretty weird. XD

"Das ist Inukashi. Inukashi gehört das Gebäude. Ich kenne Inukashis richtigen Namen nicht."

This is Inukashi. This building belongs to Inukashi. I don't know Inukashi's real name.

You just need personal pronouns. If you don't wanna reveal the gender, the only possibility is to find some words which could paraphrase it, but that's probably just possible when you write a story, but it's hard to leave it out in a dialogue, especially when two people talk about a certain person.

Hm...the only possibility would be to use gender-neutral words, something like child. Child is neutral in German. (Das Kind) But if you refer to a neutral word, you also have to use "sein", "seinem", "ihm" which is normally for the male gender, but it's also for the neutral gender... ^^° "Ihm" and "sein" refers to "das Kind" (the child). Jesus, German is ****ing difficult. X'D

"Das Kind wird Inukashi genannt. Ihm gehört das Hotel. Ich kenne seinen wirklichen Namen nicht."
(This child is called Inukashi. The hotel belongs to it. I don't know its real name.)

Same thing would work with "Teenager". It's a male word, but there's no female form for it, so the teenager could be a boy or a girl. ^^° But you'd also use "his"/"he" in German...

It's nearly impossible to leave personal pronouns out when you don't find words to paraphrase it, so that the personal pronouns refer to a certain word and not to the person, or you always have to use the person's name. ^^°
I guess it's easier for them when they just use "he" instead of trying not to reveal Inukashi's gender.

Huh. I mean, not to push everyone into gender boxes, but still. They have the entire manga to work from, it's not like they don't know what will be shown later on XD; (and that one bonus comic in volume 3 (? I think?) won't work in German, then, with Shion asking 'Eve' to read from the Bible...

Ah right, I totally forgot the little bonus comic. o_o Meh, I really don't get it. But I also argued with volume 3 (I told them I own them in English...) and said that Nezumi is dressed like a girl in Volume 3. There's this picture: and tried to explain that his voice can sound like a woman's...

Yves... really, I just wanna vomit. X'D

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