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Re: No. 6 translations
« on: December 17, 2014, 05:30:02 pm »
@Ahiku: Hm, but doesn't English have similar problems with pronouns? Though I guess English is usually a more flexible language... Still, the English translation did not use 'they' for Inukashi (except for one instance in Kino's notes in the back of the volume), and as said steered clear from using pronouns until the very end. It is possible at least, but it requires some creativity, and maybe they wanted to stick to the source as closely as possible. (I can only speak for English and Dutch though since those are the languages I write in, but Dutch and German are rather similar linguistically I guess...)
Hm, can't remember how the English translation solved that particular instance. Maybe that was indeed because English allows for more flexibility.

'Kind' would have actually been a sort of good solution, as Inukashi is indeed quite young from what we know and Nezumi is not exactly the most polite guy around when it comes to Inukashi XD;

Yves, though. Why. Whyyyyy. Who looks at Yves and goes 'yes that is definitely a name that fits right into this story'.