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Re: No. 6 translations
« on: December 18, 2014, 07:55:12 am »
Asdfghjkl don't even get me started on the French translation.......

...Ok, I'll go back on those wretched Amazon pages where I saw those awful summaries. Damn.

- Shion = Aster  >:(

- Nezumi = "le Rat"  >:(  (like, seriously, why? It's exactly as if he was called "the Rat" in English, just plain STUPID)

- Inukashi = Loueur-de-chiens....


Brb, I need to kill myself very quickly.


Ok no, BUT STILL. "Loueur de chiens"... ("Dog renter" I guess) THIS IS ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE MY EYES ARE IN PAIN. (And not only because of my trip to the eye doctor- haha- bad translations imply bad puns from me, sorry)

I'm not saying it would have been easy to come up with something like "Dogkeeper" though, it's not like French can stick words together to make new ones, it's a very stupid language. Maybe something like "Garde-chiens" (...Dogkeeper, actually), but there's no way to make it in one word. So really, they should have stuck with Inukashi and put a footnote to explain, because the actual translation looks super ridiculous.
I can't tell about the gender they decided to use for Inukashi though, but I suspect it would be super hard to keep Inukashi genderless in French... we only have masculine and feminine so...

Ok so that's all the amazon summaries would give me (they stopped at Volume 5, not enough sales, and I'm not about to help them continue selling this horrible thing)
Anyway, in the interest of science, I also subjected myself to a French fanfiction in order to find more information. I searched for one using "Aster" instead of Shion so that I'd know the person was using the Novel translation as a basis...

- Eve = Yves ; no comment as you've already talked about it, let's just all have a minute of silence for this horror. (Yves Rocher, haha, I also thought of that... LET'S HAVE NEZUMI SELL COSMETICS IN HIS NAME)

- The fic author uses "Lost Town" in English, but then "Bloc Ouest" instead of "West Block" so I have to wonder if the translators just put names and places in a hat and picked the ones that were going to be translated.

- Again, the author says "il était un VC, un criminel recherché", I'm sorry but "VC" aren't the initials for "criminel recherché", so WHAT THE HELL.

(I'm not really nitpicking, I hate reading fics in my own language and my eyes hurt like hell so I'm randomly stopping on some sentences- I could have waited until my eyes didn't hurt, but I started thinking of the French translation and got angry)

Actually a fan started the translation after the 6th volume on, based on the ones from 9th avenue, and that person is keeping the original names so it's much less painful to the eyes. Ah well.

So here you have it people, the horrendous French translation of the No.6 novel. I'm just hoping the massacre will stop here.

(I apologise if my writing is weird, I had this eye exam this morning and my pupils are still super dilated, and also my eyes are still irritated from that big lens they put on it, so I can't see very well)
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