Author Topic: Relationships between ShiSafu and NezuShi concerning the Japanese society  (Read 979 times)


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Thanks for your detailed answers. It was very interesting to read everything and you pointed out a lot of good examples that Shion actually cared for her.

It was just that something about their relationship bothered me all the time. But now I think itís what Elanra said Ė the fact that Shion took Safu for granted all the time. And he realized it too late.  Plus, he wasnít very nice to her, especially after her awkward love confession. Itís the last time they met when Safu was still alive and he didnít give her a proper good-bye. (Even though itís quite understandable, Nezumi stole his heart after allÖ)  I just feel so sorry for Safu. Shionís a nice boy, but heís also pretty dumb concerning his feelings towards Safu, but not when it comes to Nezumi. In the end itís a part of No. 6ís essence and charmÖ Heís a human after all, with a mind of his own. He makes mistakes, and he isnít perfect. Heíll regret a lot of things; heíll try but also fail. Iím just glad that Safu was somehow able to see thanks to Elyurias that Shion did care for her, and that he risked his life to help her in the end. At least a better good-bye for her than running away while chasing a certain mouse; knowingly that sheíll be abroad for 2 long yearsÖ ^^į