Author Topic: Relationships between ShiSafu and NezuShi concerning the Japanese society  (Read 989 times)


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Ah, you put it much more eloquently than I ever could, thesexymaid. I especially agree with this (I hope you don't mind I copy-pasted your personal story here too for coherence):

And I felt Shion felt toward Safu the way I feel toward one of my close friends. We can lose contact for months and then pick it back up like we never lost it. We're not really touchy, but we both, at points, wondered if our feelings blurred into physical/emotional attraction in a romantic way, but if she were ever in danger (I've shown in cases of our friendship already) I would fight for her. I always felt Safu and Shion were in a situation like that, except, on Safu's side, she had a faint hope that Shion could accept her feelings, and if not, she sadly couldn't just toss them away like they hadn't ever mattered.

Losing contact and then being able to pick it right back up again is the case indeed, I think - they don't get a lot of time together in the narrative, but their conversations sound easy and the ones you'd have with a very long friend, about all kinds of topics no matter how odd. Safu has been a constant in his life for so long it's just kind of natural, and doesn't need to be pointed out for Shion. I think that's kind of what I was trying to say earlier in a very roundabout way?

But yes, being with Nezumi and in the West Block does allow Shion to find himself more, and his emotions. Both he and Safu were considered a bit odd, though they were still, ehm, controlled, lacking a better word. Like you'd expect from those living inside No. 6 and especially Chronos, at any rate. This incredibly stable life, living day to day life with food and school and preparing for your future, hardly any reasons to be very outspoken. Going to the West Block changed all that and threw Shion in so many new situations.

Lastly, let's not forget Shion listed Safu along with Nezumi and Karan as the three people he could absolutely trust completely. And he lost two of those three in about the same week. We didn't get to see the aftermath, as thesexymaid pointed out, only that it's definitely taken a toll on Shion by Beyond. At least with Nezumi, he can still hope for him to return, but Safu...

Ack, Safu is so very important though. She's the catalyst for the majority of the story, but it's not hard to overlook her importance. I honestly did a bit on my first read through of the novels, though breaking up the story a bit later revealed that yes, things would have been radically different (and probably a lot bleaker) weren't it for Safu and her friendship with Shion. (Though I'd still have liked to see more scenes of them together, if only for personal preference, haha.)

Ah, I should probably add that I was also reasoning from my own feelings when it comes to their relationship, not entirely with Japanese culture in mind, unlike Ahiku above. (Not consciously, but I did pull from my own experiences and thoughts there for a bit, and I haven't grown up in Japan. Slightly derailing the topic there I suppose, oops!) I personally can't really tell if it's a cultural thing that Shion and Safu seem (physically) distant in my/our eyes, or if it's a cultural thing inside the story, caused by their upbringing inside No. 6. (I hope that made sense!) Especially considering other relationships in the story, because as Ahiku pointed out, Shion and Nezumi are pretty touchy-feely with each other, which isn't exactly common in Japan. (I think I've at most seen people sitting with their arms around each other here, and that was in a setting where they had chairs-for-two to enjoy the sunset together with your loved one.)
Some things make me feel the setting of No. 6 isn't supposed to mirror Japan closely, and at other times it does feel very Japanese to me. Guess it's a matter of cultural background, but I do wonder in how far Asano consciously chose for No. 6 to resemble Japanese society. As said, with the school system, it does feel like commentary on the Japanese system, so... Hm, I'm starting to talk in circles here, apologies. Safu feels kind of took over  :-[

(Other disclaimer: I've only seen the anime once, so I can't really add to the comments on the anime, I'm super hazy on the details. But the points Ahiku brings up compared to the novel are very interesting, though I do recall I felt their relationship to be a bit more awkward here than in the novels. Again, I'm hazy on the anime, so I'll steer clear from commenting any further.)
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