Author Topic: Rikiga- what are you doing, man?  (Read 469 times)


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Re: Rikiga- what are you doing, man?
« on: May 19, 2014, 06:13:38 pm »
I keep writing more junk in my head but not typing it out and forgetting it like a doof. Apologies.

Vox: Ooh, it's really interesting that Rikiga came into his wealth by hoarding items and selling them at high prices. I had missed that part of him. He's definitely got a business sense. Dude's got a good nose. And Rikiga is really funny, maybe not intentionally all the time, but I see him as a comedic character which is weird because he's such a dark fellow.

Weisel: All good points-- Rikiga probably eased into alcoholism, everyone treats him like a drunk but he's still in a highish position of power and maintaining it barely sober. Which is weird, and interesting, and kind of follows the idea that Rikiga wasn't always this bad and just sort of eased into alcoholism.

Though I'm not really sure about Shion. I mean, Shion does have a way of worming into people's hearts, but I'm just not picking up on as much development in that department. I really think Rikiga only starts viewing Shion as actually not an angel but a person would be post correctional facility. 

I need to find evidence for that though-- which I will. At a later hour.