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Re: Shion's childhood/life
« on: December 07, 2015, 06:45:03 am »
I realize now in the other topic when I said Shion was a "pampered prince" that it could be taken as "he was spoiled with everything he wanted." But I consider exactly what you described as being a "pampered prince." He has everything provided to him, but he has no freedom. And I agree with everything you said about his childhood. He has a lot of responsibility and is basically a tiny adult. Heck, even his bed is adult-sized.

He likes breaking the rules, like in the novels when he speeds on his bike. How much you wanna bet that moment he zoomed down the hill in the anime was one of the rare moments he felt any form of exhilaration? And then a storm and Nezumi and sewing up wounds... All very exciting when he's had the same dull schedule of learning his specialty subject. It's no wonder he had that "scary look" on his face when he gets to stitch up Nezumi. Maybe part of helping Nezumi was for the sake of breaking the rules.

I'd say one thing I disagree with is that he had no part in the downfall of No.6. He did aid Nezumi in destroying stuff... Even if his personal mission was just to save Safu. But I do think that was part of his guilt that made him stay. And then he falls back into the pattern of doing work he doesn't want to do all day instead of living life, though this time it's driven by guilt instead of simply having nothing else to do.