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Re: Shion's childhood/life
« on: December 07, 2015, 06:57:53 am »
Ah, yes, I thought you mean "pampered prince" in that way... in a more "positive" way, that he got everything he wanted. But that's right, you can also use this term in another sense. o.o
I always think Nezumi uses the first version when he calls Shion like that, because Shion had "everything" while Nezumi had nothing, but he never thought about Shion's situation at all. Apart from telling him ****... like that he's ignorant and that he doesn't believe him, because he half-heatedly pledged allegiance towards the city. He doesn't think at all...otherwise he'd probably know that the city would kill Shion rather sooner than later. ^^ Or...I bet he knew and yet...he dares to use it against him. God, Nezumi's behavior makes me so angry.

(His bed is huge! So huge that six little Nezumi and Shion's could sleep in it. >,<)

Oh, yeah, of course he had his part in regard to No. 6's downfall. I didn't mean it like that. :3 I meant that it was not Shion's fault that No. 6 became like that in the first place. It's not his personal city, and even though he was at fault that the government fell, it's not his task to eliminate the mistakes of the adults who leaded No. 6... or the adults who didn't do anything against it and just lived their boring, monotonous life without asking questions, without thinking... They were the ones who really were ignorant.
I think he did more than enough for the city. He risked his life and he damaged his mental health forever. He has to life with a guilt that will last for the rest of his life.
He doesn't owe that city at all... ^^

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