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Re: Shion's childhood/life
« on: December 07, 2015, 12:37:01 pm »
Yes, I think that calling Shion "stationary" was one of those stupid moments of Nezumi's thinking about Shion. I bet Shion would be happy to travel over world just as Nezumi as long as Nezumi would be beside him, and maybe there was a possibility to contact Karan from time to time. From that point of view it's stupid.
If not Safu's and Doctor wishes, if not his mother, I bet that Shion wouldn't stay in NO.6 after ending.

And what you have pointed Ahiku, Nezumi didn't had normal childhood since his family was killed, but Shion wasn't nether. We hear that Karan read to little Shion some books, but those wasn't legal. All Shion have ever read was educational books.
And what I myself think. both Nezumi and Shion were pushed into roles of adults too soon.
I always was wonder how Nezumi handle living in West Block before he got his role at theater. But Shion? He always only learned for sake of city, he was raised to be perfect civilian for city's sake. When he was lost his privileges, he had to work to even learn for city's sake.
I think time with Nezumi in west block was only time he was truly happy and could figure out who he is and how he reacts to things around him.
Shion's mixed emotions from being emotionless to acting in anger after seeing what city has done was after effect of the way he was raised.
His personality just started to shape in time of those six months of freedom. City raised him to not feel, not looking at others else than through biology and science books, he was tough to react that way by the city's system so he reacts like this in time when he can't handle things he saw in CF.

And good thing that was pointed. Shion again is pushed into role of adult at 16 years old. Who push kid into ruling a city, no matter how much IQ he has? It's worst that Nezumi and Safu could done for Shion. He's just damn 16 year old, if city wasn't destroyed then he should go on dates with Nezumi, they should watch TV, take walks, read books, listen to music and watch TV or go to theater, go to school, met with other people... Just normal things not fixing a mass murdering city... :/
I know that it's japan/anime story where teenagers usually  save the world, but in reality this is too much for kids like them to handle.