Author Topic: Shion's childhood/life  (Read 402 times)


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Re: Shion's childhood/life
« on: December 07, 2015, 03:56:27 pm »
I don't have much to add (instead saying Amen to, like, every paragraph) but I think what Nezumi might have mistaken as "stationary" in his really twisted opinion of Shion is: Shion isn't bound to No.6 because everything he missed were the people dear to him (minus those moments under extreme stress when he wished for the "easier" life in No.6 - that doesn't count).
So instead of calling him "stationary" meaning a place you could rather say Shion needs a person. Shion seeks his home in people he loves (and frankly, he chose Nezumi and Nezumi left, ha ha).

But yeah, Shion had to grow up far too fast with far too much responsibility on too thin shoulders. It's not like Nezumi had much of a childhood either but ... he was only responsible for himself.

Apart from telling him ****... like that he's ignorant and that he doesn't believe him, because he half-heatedly pledged allegiance towards the city. He doesn't think at all...otherwise he'd probably know that the city would kill Shion rather sooner than later. ^^ Or...I bet he knew and yet...he dares to use it against him. God, Nezumi's behavior makes me so angry.

God, yes. Like, what should he have done? Not pledge allegiance? Did Nezumi really want him to be an outcast even earlier? I think the one thing he blamed Shion for was closing his eyes and not doing anything - not even trying. But ... Nezumi didn't know about Yoming. Was Shion - poor little child!Shion - meant to start a revolution?