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Re: Shion's childhood/life
« on: December 08, 2015, 07:10:27 am »
Quote from: Lawlya
So instead of calling him "stationary" meaning a place you could rather say Shion needs a person. Shion seeks his home in people he loves (and frankly, he chose Nezumi and Nezumi left, ha ha).

Yeah, and they absolutely don't live in a world in which they can't send letters or make phone calls once in a while... ^^ Just like Reiko said... he could contact his mother every now and then. Sure, Shion and his mom are close, but well, after all the events, she's unfortunately the only person who's still left in the city. (Apart from some acquaintances, probably... ^^) I think Karan would let him go... I mean she was just so desperate because she thought he's going to die and later...she just hoped that he was healthy and that he'd come back to her. But when Shion chooses to leave the city for a while, he can also choose to return. So...that's not a valid argument, Nezumi. ^^
He should rather tell him that he needs some time and should not make up things. ^^ I guess Shion would understand.

Quote from: Lawlya
God, yes. Like, what should he have done? Not pledge allegiance? Did Nezumi really want him to be an outcast even earlier? I think the one thing he blamed Shion for was closing his eyes and not doing anything - not even trying. But ... Nezumi didn't know about Yoming. Was Shion - poor little child!Shion - meant to start a revolution?

Yeah o_o What the heck should he do? I mean he talked "bad" about the city when he talked to Yamase and BAM they recorded it and used it against him. X'D Seriously, Nezumi...there's nothing, Shion could do... I guess he did more than enough with his slightly rebellious attitude and his thoughts. I mean, he already doubted the city when he was still a child. Argh o_o

Quote from: Ghosty
About the whole "pledging allegiance" thing, I always assumed that was an excuse from Nezumi to try and force Shion into stopping caring about Nezumi so much. Shion said he loved him which is the worst thing he could've said in Nezumi's eyes so he came up with an excuse to make Shion backtrack. Or at least, that what I had figured.

Ah yeah...that could also be a possibility. ^^ But the bad thing is...that Shion really thinks that he did something wrong. He doesn't understand that Nezumi is just trying to save his own sorry ass...
And Shion is degrading himself in his inner monologue again, because he's such a hypocrite...for pledging allegiance although he didn't mean it...
It was so hurtful when Shion cried in Rou's cave, because he was on the side of No. 6 when they burned Nezumi. He was just a child... (I'm glad that Nezumi comforted him, though... and that he finally noticed that Shion had no other choice.)