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Re: Shion's childhood/life
« on: December 08, 2015, 09:42:15 am »
Ok I think about this matter of childhood in the NO.6 again when I woke up in middle of night today xD.

For first, Shion have his bike, he could ride around just like normal child as long as he have free time and maybe even ride with Safu if she had one.
Second, ok, Shon's room in anime was very sterile and adult-like, but in novel there wasn't any mention of it, not like his room could be childish but maybe it wasn't so "empty"...
I remembered about that scene when Shion and Safu were watching fireworks, it's something that both, adults and children love and it's some kind form of fun. They were taking a walk in that scene so I don't think that only thing that Shion done in his childhood was learning and working.
Ok, we don't see any playground in NO.6 but in the end in novel we don't see much of inside city. Most time we see West Block and inside CF.

Remember that even if Shion's home was very modern looking and it didn't see to have toys in anime, we got scene in park where cleaning robots have shapes on animals, very cute animals perfectly fit for children enjoyment.

Still, I think that Shion is poor one to be forced to abandon his childhood too fast.   

Maybe it's because world we see is after war world? I don't think that toys factory are really important after war? :/ I don't know. Medicine, technology, education... This is what was important. I don't count culture since that one was eliminated for purpose of better brainwashing city's people.