Author Topic: Stressed Wasps - Why did Shion not die?  (Read 1208 times)


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Re: Stressed Wasps - Why did Shion not die?
« on: March 01, 2015, 03:05:51 pm »
@lawlya: ah, I think I missphrased myself - when I said 'the effects', I mostly meant the spots and the hair turning white, which is what all other victims experienced only after the egg had already hatched. So it looks like that is sort of caused by the bee going through the brain, which it might not have done in Shion's case. Those are (physical) effects I meant, but I wasn't exactly clear there upon re-reading, my apologies!

... ehhhhhh so I'll try not to think about the whole idea of knowing something is eating itself through your brain, whether you can feel it or not (the latter being much scarier actually, yikes. I think I knew that but tried to repress it or something...). But yeah the eating noises at least sound like a hallucination... I don't know how many more special effects Elyurias brings with her if you get infected with her eggs, hm.

Oh wow, so it did have a point with the oxygen then! I can't see the whole article right now, but would it really change colour that fast? (I did a little research into it, but granted, I have no idea how true the sources are... I did gather it took a while, or that it could be caused by the pigmented hair falling out while the white stays, but in that case you'd have to have white hairs to begin with.)

Let's chalk the scar up to Elyurias intervening? XD Like @Meopat said for Rou losing his legs, like a warning or something.
(Dang it Elyurias why didn't you explain that one when you had the chance to speak up huh)