Author Topic: Stressed Wasps - Why did Shion not die?  (Read 1208 times)


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Re: Stressed Wasps - Why did Shion not die?
« on: March 02, 2015, 08:46:39 am »
@Ahiku: That's true! Shion could be emotionally stable, but his physiological state may be different. I also forgot! Shion had fainted from shock after seeing the bee come out of Yamase, so it's very likely that (even though he's elated), his body is going, "?!???!!" annnnd he also swam in the sewer (most likely against the current? not sure) and having to turn a wheel underwater and not be detected... I would say that that is stressful even if he's enjoying the moment. (Masochist??) if you look based on the manga and anime versions of Shion's escape, he is very shocked, I think only novel!Shion is happy about seeing Nezumi again with disregard to his own situation.

Quote from: listenforthelove
Actually, with the sound waves - the guide speculates it was to mimic the job of the Singer, so eh, it's probably good Nezumi didn't try singing when Shion was going through pain XD;

This is very cool!! :0 This also reminds me (because sound?? idk) that in the car, Nezumi didn't want to talk because No.6 had his voice on record (since he was a criminal). Did Shion listen to these sound files after Nezumi went away? brb BAWLING

I think it makes sense that Rou didn't have anyone cut out his half-matured bee so he lost his legs as a result. :(
(imagine an AU where Shion lost both his legs and then Nezumi feels guilty SO HE STAYS AND THEY NEVER GO TO CF AND THEY LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER IN WEST BLOCK AND SAFU JOINS THEM.)  my head is in the clouds today.

About the oxygen thing. I'm pretty sure, just as @lawlya said, that excessive amounts of oxygen can lead to your DNA being damaged and even speed up the aging process. But I also don't think that it would result in the blanching on your current hair cells. The hair strands that grow thereafter are a different story. I'm really tempted to say it was just an artistic license to give him fluffy white hair and symbolism to give him a red snake-scar, but I could be wrong. :0 I haven't attempted to click and digest the science article link yet. .___.

Quote from: lawlya
I always thought the injection was probably one he got as a child. Like, after the 2-years-examination but before his first meeting with Nezumi?

for some reason, Shion having been implanted with killer-bee eggs since he was a child doesn't sit quite well with me. :c
but as much as I want to disagree with it, I can't find the evidence to refute it either. D:

There's the 8-year time frame (between when Elyurias was discovered (age 4) and when Shi and Nez first meet (age 12)) where the scientist has the Godly Bed and he's just experimenting on everything. and we assume the Manhunt was already happening when Nezumi was around 10~12, since he's so familiar with "Hell" 4 years later (and we can infer from that that human experimentations were already happening by then). it's totally possible that Shion was an unlucky random sample. ;__;

it really is a good thing that Nezumi never sang to him before then
but also that even with killer-bee, Shion is still super attracted to Nezu-- danger. Opening up a window in a tropical storm? Anyone heard of hypothermia? Pretty sure killer-bee would not want that.

Quote from: lawlya
I think that maybe the egg didn't place itself in the right spot

:000!! That would make a lot of senseeeee. I think. When the dead-thing was extracted out of Shion, it was a pupa though, right? (Because even a wing was produced, even if it was only one out of four.) so it did still manage to hatch and mature somehow... even if it didn't properly go through the trajectory in Shion's head. >___>;;
asdasffada reading about all this creeps me out. It's a good thing when the spots appeared, Shion didn't get wrinkles either. T_T

I'm curious now, though, about the true motives and goals of the scientist.
Like, why would No.6 want the bees to hatch? Hatching means dead citizens.
They wanted to brain-control humans and Elyurias can do that (or at least pacify humans / make them obedient and docile). buuut then why would they research incubation? Shouldn't they be researching how not to hatch the eggs? (Or are they researching incubation so that they can kill off any dissident at anytime whenever they wanted to? Eek.)