Author Topic: Timeline in No. 6 - help?  (Read 1020 times)


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Re: Timeline in No. 6 - help?
« on: November 01, 2014, 01:41:34 pm »
Yeah, I went with a week because according to my calculations (not that I trust those entirely, ahem), it's three days between the Manhunt and Holy Celebration Day. So that would account for the three extra days between Safu's kidnapping and Karan on the bench. But yeah... not long. Not long at all.

I am still trying to wrap my head around this, haha. Elyurias hatching and all happened pretty fast then, too, actually. I always figured it would take a little longer... well at least Safu hasn't suffered super long. (I'm still throwing stuff in anger about her fate, but hey.)

I'm with you on the 6 months: Beyond did say "Nezumi and Shion had lived together for less than half a year", but that sounds like it's closer to 5-6 months than 2-3 (or 4 if we're stretching the dates the guide supplied: September 1 for Safu's exchange and December 31 for her kidnapping). Like, usually when someone says 'less than half a year' it means 'almost 6 months but not the full 6'. Otherwise you'd just say something like 4 months, but that could be just me. (I could look up what it says in Japanese just to be all super obnoxious and SUPER SURE about it, so it's going on my list.)

Ahh thanks for replying though, I'd never have noticed that little marker of 'three days' otherwise. (How did I miss that while I did notice that the Mayor is a total loser with his custom coffee cup that keeps his coffee always nice and hot?)

But yes Nezumi should totally be back after 4 days, epilogue and beyond be damned. Someone should just drag him back by his ponytail dang it.
(OK OK I get he needed to leave to work out his issues and everything but did he really have to walk to half a year's distance from No. 6. Did he.)