Author Topic: Timeline in No. 6 - help?  (Read 993 times)


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Re: Timeline in No. 6 - help?
« on: November 01, 2014, 03:31:29 pm »
Yeah, it's specifically stated to be winter several times, but well, they also state spring was late, so... it could happen in a couple of days, I guess? Nezumi and Shion were mostly underground or otherwise occupied to really notice the weather changing.

But no, you're right about fall; it's stated in volume 1 that the sky is a 'clear blue autumn sky' when Shion is taken by the bureau officials and thus later on meets Nezumi again.
Plus, I don't want to hammer down 'BUT THE GUIDE SAYS' too much, but it was written later, so I'd assume it was written looking back on the series, and Asano is listed as the only author of the guide, so you know, 'canonically' and all... Anyway, the guide says (here goes) Safu goes on exchange in September, which is two days after they find the body in the park; Shion gets taken the next day, so Safu goes on exchange the day after that. Whiiich means we can't stretch her kidnapping in December much further than 4 months total. (assuming September 1 - December 31).

... I'm starting to think 'spring at last' is more symbolic than anything XD;
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