Author Topic: Timeline in No. 6 - help?  (Read 1020 times)


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Re: Timeline in No. 6 - help?
« on: November 01, 2014, 05:52:14 pm »
Yeah... maybe it really is like that.
December is gone, old year is gone - BAM - new year and spring withing 3 days. Just because of the climatic change.

It's not the real but a sci-fi world after all, so it could be possible. Short winters, long summers.
Ah, but isn't No. 6 able to regulate the climatic conditions withing the city walls?
So, maybe they really have another definition of season, and it's more like January, February, March = spring, April, May, June = summer, July, August, September = autumn, October, November, December = winter.

When Safu came back she was sitting on a bench in front of a blooming flower meadow (in the anime)... in December! I mean she came back, said good-bye to her grandma and then visited Karan, I don't think she took weeks to do so. And also Karan... just look here:
Ah and here even more flowers...
The trees have leaves, the flowers bloom and everything is f*cked up. ^^

But since they are wearing coats, it seems to be at least a bit chilly, but not like a "real" winter in West Block would be. I guess they never had snow within the city walls.
Ok, it's just getting more confusing. @_@ But maybe it's really like that. They "generate" extenuated seasons and a new year starts after the Holy celebration, and that's also the day when spring is about to come, more flowers and blossoms... harvest in summer and autumn and then winter so that the trees can regenrate.