Author Topic: Timeline in No. 6 - help?  (Read 1593 times)


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Re: Timeline in No. 6 - help?
« Reply #15 on: November 02, 2014, 07:50:52 am »
LOl XD It's okay... if it's right and they start their spring in January, September is definitely autumn. ^^

Yeah, I know it's the same thing, but when it's from this direction it should be a typhoon. XD I guess they also said Typhoon in the anime.

I also think it's Japan. Somehow, there was a world like our world in their past. In the anime when Safu visited the art museum they talked about England.
(But the climatic zone wouldn't fit... since it's green and warm there. But well...climatic changes... ^^° In the anime No. 5 seems to be warmer than No. 6, because she's wearing summer clothes, when she's back she's wearing scarf and coat.
But the houses remind me so much of European ones... (Ok, I can't say that much about other Europen countries, but it reminded me of a lot of cities in Germany. ^^ Red roofs, very green...)

For example... this one. (This is a little city in Germany...Querfurt.)

Or Nürnberg...

But it's just in the anime, I guess they never talked that much about it in the novels. o.o°

As for No. 6 - I think Tokyo would be just fine. When I visited Tokyo in 2008 it was February. Some days were really warm, some still pretty cold. (But when you regulate the temperatures it should be fine XD) We saw green trees and the first snow this year (there wasn't any in Germany oO in 2008) but there were also green trees and palm trees and some kind of oranges growing there... In February. And ume trees started to bloom. (And I just checked a couple of photos...some trees were green, some didn't have any leaves ^^°)
And we also had pretty cold days. So yeah... I guess that could be the right climatic zone, especially when you regulate the temperatures inside the city. In addition to that, the city is protected because of the wall. The West Block doesn't have any protection. You also have an urban heat island. Metropolitan area are often significantly warmer than its surrounding rural areas due to human activities.

And you're right, cold is also relative. If you're raised to think 15 C is cold, then you'll pick up a winter coat much sooner than someone who is raised to think -10 C is just peachy, so to speak, and having no place to stay and hunger definitely won't help against freezing.

Yeah, right. They don't have proper clothes or food... So I guess even 2-5 degree Celsius would be really troublesome, especially for toddlers and old people.

Nezumi definitely had to recover from his wounds, you're right. GOOD that means he stays longer let's go with that << (I think your fanfic leaked into my headcanon a bit as I started to assume accelerated healing powers, but I don't think those are canon? Not explicitly, anyway. I still have thoughts about people having some extra powers in No. 6 but that's for another thread.)
... nezumi slipping up and calling Karan his mother is something I NEED.

Ah, you mean Forest of Tranquility? o.o Ah yeah, that's totally not canon. XD Just like Inukashi said... he's just a man. When you stab him he'll bleed. He's just horribly tough, I mean he just had a surgery and nearly died, he recovers quickly. But I think it's just because of his survival instincts. He has no time to recover, even though his body could need time. Just like Inukashi and her toe...licking her wounds until they get better and ignoring it. (Or until she's dead.^^°)
And this time it wasn't just a graze shot.

I just tried to google how long a "normal" gunshot would take to heal...
And it seems as if it's not just 1-2 weeks.

But well, Nezumi's tough. XD But I guess he needed at least 2 weeks to recover. But more is better, so 4 weeks? XD (Ahh, why didn't he stay... being with Karan and Shion... eating good food all the time. As long as there's no theatre he can still help Karan... XD Stupid Nezumi >,<)