Author Topic: Timeline in No. 6 - help?  (Read 1593 times)


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Re: Timeline in No. 6 - help?
« Reply #15 on: November 02, 2014, 10:35:43 am »
Yeah, I guess Japan is the most likely setting for No. 6 to assume, not only because the novels are originally Japanese but also for the reasons you stated. Tokyo seems to make the most sense as well, though I now wonder if there's a real-world equivalent for the Mao forest, hmm.

Hm, yeah, No. 5 in the anime is interesting... if it seems so summer-y, it should be below the equator if No. 6 is above and seems to go through winter at the same time? (that does look sort of inspired by Sydney in the first cap, actually.) Thanks so much for your screencapping efforts!
I must confess I've only seen the anime once, so I remember very little about No. 5 there. I don't think the novels even stated to which city state Safu moved...
Anyway, I went back and the only names I can find so far mentioned in the novels are pretty broad, namely Central and South-America:

They were documents concerning a species of ants called Eciton burchelli, which inhabited Central and South Americas.
(volume 3, chapter 5)

As for the rest, some bits about No. 6 itself:

Was the western town the only place No. 6 had destroyed? What about the northern mountains, the forests, the grassy plains that stretched from south to east, the lakes and marshes that dotted the land from eastern to western edge? Considering No. 6's geographical area, it was logical to think that it had enlarged in all four directions, roliferating and expanding... (...) In the northern mountains, the southern plains, the eastern marshes.
(volume 6, chapter 1)

I don't think a sea is ever mentioned, and Tokyo is relatively close to the coast, but then again - not like you can really see the sea from Tokyo.

Oh and Beyond states:

The label on the bottle indicated that the wine was from the western-most city of No. 3

... which is entirely unhelpful aside from the fact that we now know No. 3 is most west when seen from No. 6 XD

... wait did I never leave you a review for Forest of Tranquility
what the heck, self
But yeah that's what I meant XD; oops. Yeah, Nezumi is surprisingly quick in getting back to his feet near the end, but I think it's caused by the adrenaline and also the fact that Nezumi does really seem to have an uncanny ability to tell when trouble is nearing. He said it himself, and the novels do back him up  there (Inukashi was ****ed Nezumi sensed something first when they were in the clinic for example).

That being said he should have totally stayed to let his wounds heal properly and just indefinitely after that << just go on holidays if you need time to sort yourself out Nezumi don't go all '~I'm a wanderer you're stationary we can't work out ever~' sigh. THIRD WAY. Yes I'm being slightly unreasonable here but dang.