Author Topic: [Masterpost] Ahiku's No. 6 cover  (Read 799 times)


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Re: [Masterpost] Ahiku's No. 6 cover
« on: May 14, 2014, 07:29:07 am »
Ah yes… although I don’t thing German dubs are bad…most of them are ok, they also use the same voices a lot. ^^° It’s always a pity, because there are so many good voice actors who would fit way better…

I’m sorry that Youtube suspended your account so often… Luckily it didn’t happen to mine up to now. But my fandubbing group’s account gets deleted all the time. XD it’s so annoying.

Hm, if you want to watch one of our fandubs…  Here! I’m voicing Ohana (brown hair, flowers in her hair)…  I think this dub turned out pretty well…although it’s probably not so nice for you to watch it since it’s in German. ^^°

Is there a dub where we can hear your voice? :3

(OMG MICHIYUKI? That’s horribly old and I hate it now, but thanks… maybe I should sing it again. But I don’t know if I can… At the moment I’m not really able to sing. I had a horrible cold in January and it killed my voice completely. Somehow I have the feeling I have to start practicing anew now. (._.) So my motivation is gone… but I guess it will come back one day. XD)
I’ve posted an a capella version of Buna no Mori and Kirameku Monotachi in the first post as well… I just uploaded it on Tumblr. ^^