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Re: ^ < v Game
« Reply #45 on: July 27, 2015, 12:26:04 pm »
We have 20,0 C  right now, but it's also very rainy and stormy... Ah, I didn't see your post here, otherwise I wouldn't have asked you about the weather in my pm. X'D Just ignore it then lol.

^ will hopefully have a suuuuper nice day with her friend on Friday :D *lets pompom safu dance for you*

< I'm soooo tired and done... the short shift change was super exhausting and tomorrow is my 6th day. XD Then I have 1 day off. So very gracious. I'm so glad when it's finally over, haha. I'll finally have a proper and humane schedule. (Hopefully XD You never first job was also just from Monday - Friday and then they suddenly decided that we have to work all the time. ^^ Meh.)

v was able to enjoy something super tasty today (?) :D