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Title: No.6 cosplay
Post by: Weisel on May 14, 2014, 12:49:34 pm
I'll admit, I can talk about cosplay all day long, and cosplaying No.6 characters is one of my favorite things to do. So if anyone else has a passion for cosplay, wants to cosplay, or even has questions about cosplay, let's talk about it here! I'm also happy to answer any questions or at least point you in the right direction about No.6 cosplay specific things, like how to keep your Nezumi ponytail sticking up all day, how to make your superfiber scarf from looking bulky, where to get the wigs and contacts you need, how on earth Eve's dress is actually constructed, how the heck do you even put Shion's mark on your body without getting it all over your clothes...
Title: Re: No.6 cosplay
Post by: Vox on May 14, 2014, 01:09:49 pm

okay, me and my friend are interested in doing some casual cosplays of Nezumi and Shion, so we don't exactly need to know about their clothing, but it would be really nice to know your technique for doing Nezumi's ponytail... also Shion scar makeup help would be nice... what brand do you use? I have experience doing Homestuck cosplay (don't know if you know a thing about Homestuck, but the cosplay involves painting your entire body grey so I have experience with Ben Nye, but that stuff is hella expensive. I know about the whole sealing-with-baby-powder thing though.
Title: Re: No.6 cosplay
Post by: Weisel on May 14, 2014, 01:40:23 pm
I'm definitely going to answer your questions, but I want to make sure I do an accurate and thorough job of it, so I'll be posting everything probably tonight once I properly document everything (since just following text is trickier than having pictures to help, especially when it's something like cosplay where it's entirely about visuals). So I'll be back later with all kinds of answers! I now have a mission today! I'm actually ridiculously excited to do this.
Title: Re: No.6 cosplay
Post by: Weisel on May 15, 2014, 06:27:43 pm
So I totally got my Nezumi wig process documented and I'm planning on doing the Shion scar process soon... But guess who's roommate didn't pay the internet bill?! So posting will have to wait until tomorrow night when I can use wifi from elsewhere. Also I was planning on doing my Shion scar stuff tonight but it just started storming here so I'm probably going to lose power at some point soon which means no light to use.

But hey, wearing my newly styled Nezumi wig yesterday was fun!
Title: Re: No.6 cosplay
Post by: Vox on May 15, 2014, 07:24:08 pm
@Weisel aww yeah I can't wait for these undoubtedly awesome tutorials. I'm sorry about your wifi, that sounds like a bummer. (The other day mine just cut out for no reason, and I was like -- but how am I gotta go on the No. 6 forum???? Fortunately it came back on by the next morning ^^;)
Title: Re: No.6 cosplay
Post by: dragonflame185 on May 16, 2014, 07:55:48 pm
I plan on cosplaying Nezumi soon (really excited for it!!!) and I pretty much have everything except for the scarf and the wig. So I have two questions based on this: does anyone know where to buy good wigs for his hair (in the anime adaption, so like a navy blue) and what fabric do you think would be best for the scarf? thanks!~ ^^
Title: Re: No.6 cosplay
Post by: Weisel on May 19, 2014, 09:48:43 am
ARGH still no wifi! And I live in a tiny town so it's not an option to mooch wifi from a Starbucks or anything. I'm still pretty sure I can't post pictures from my phone here... I don't think I can just make a tumblr post and put a link here, but I'll try anyway.

But to at least explain some things that I WILL be posting here, I'll be showing how to style Nezumi's hair at a minimal cost and then showing two ways to make Shion's scar relatively cheaply.

As for fabric for Nezumi's scarf, I'd recommend something a little heavier that still has a little bit of drape to it. If I manage to get to a fabric store sometime, I'll pick out a few specific materials that will work well. Also my tip for the actual shape of the scarf is to not cut it into the square shape it is in the anime. It'll be a lot less bulky if you fold the material in half and instead of cutting it into a right triangle, make it an elongated triangle. Then that's less fabric piled up in front of you and it's easier to tie. Sorry, Nezumi. Your design is once again only possible with anime physics.

For wigs, I pretty much always go to eBay. All of my No.6 cosplay wigs are from various sellers on eBay, which includes Shion, Nezumi, Inukashi, and Eve. If you need any help finding what you want on there, I can help with that, too.

So today I'll try to get something figured out for posting, though I can't promise anything... The whole wifi thing is just plain ridiculous by this point. The last time I didn't have any connection here was nearly a year ago.
Title: Re: No.6 cosplay
Post by: dragonflame185 on May 19, 2014, 06:00:32 pm
Alright thanks!!! ^^ it would be a great help if you could help me find wig sellers on ebay and a few choice specific fabrics when you do manage to get your wifi back but thanks for the advice now!! c: I hope you get your wifi back, I would love to see some of your completed cosplays.
Title: Re: No.6 cosplay
Post by: Weisel on May 25, 2014, 01:36:41 am
Alright, here's the Nezumi ponytail tutorial! (

 I'd like to redo my pictures for it after I'm done with Shion's scar and when I don't have this headache I've had for two weeks now... But we'll see! I hope it explains enough and I'm more than happy to answer any questions.

@dragonflame185: I can help find some wigs for you on eBay and message those links to you tomorrow no problem. Also I should be able to stop by a fabric store on Wednesday so I'll do some fabric searching there then.
Title: Re: No.6 cosplay
Post by: dragonflame185 on May 25, 2014, 05:48:57 am
Thanks for the tutorial! (now I just gotta find a wig x3) I already found a fabric I think will work out well (me and my friend will try it today see what happens) but I think it would be nice to have a kind of back-up fabric, just in case. :) thank you so much!!! ^_^
Title: Re: No.6 cosplay
Post by: Vox on May 26, 2014, 01:56:33 pm
@Weisel Ahh, yay! Thank you for the tutorial, I can tell I'm gonna have a lot of fun with it. XD
*whispers* You are adorable!
Nezumi's hair is really funny, when you think about it. He just freaking ties it up in a knot. Because why not.
(He is so cool. He is the epitome of cool. Look at that ugly as heck yellow shirt. So cool. Yeah.)
I think it's interesting that you used what looks like a gray wig instead of black or dark blue. Any reason why?
I also like how doing Nezumi's hair requires one to be patient and gentle, two things Nezumi is not. Hehe.
Title: Re: No.6 cosplay
Post by: Ahiku on May 26, 2014, 02:58:29 pm

A great tutorial. ^^ Thanks for your effort. It was really interesting, although I'm not that much into cosplay.

Nezumi's hair is really funny, when you think about it. He just freaking ties it up in a knot. Because why not.
(He is so cool. He is the epitome of cool. Look at that ugly as heck yellow shirt. So cool. Yeah.)

Haha, it's amazing how he ties his hair in 0,5 seconds in the anime. Hmm...reminds me of this here -> Click me! (

Title: Re: No.6 cosplay
Post by: Weisel on May 26, 2014, 04:40:53 pm
@Vox: No problem!
And I don't know how to react to a compliment in text... I usually just blush and cover my face and try to say something along the lines of "thank you" and awkwardly stumble over my own words. So I guess imagine that.
(And that yellow shirt... When it's getting close to laundry day and I'm forced to wear that shirt, I'm actually completely embarrassed. What a color.)
The color of my wig is actually a mix of blue and gray, but I'm sure my pictures are a bit off in color. I just took a picture of different shades of blue papers and the lighter ones became orange in the photo. It's not a super vibrant blue anyway, but I like how the gray makes the overall color a little duller. Some cosplays I want to be bright and shiny, but not Nezumi. Eve, maybe... Actually I bought some sparkly things for my Eve cosplay the other day. Not important, but I love shiny cosplays.
And trust me, you will have to remind yourself to be patient and gentle, despite what your inner Nezumi might want. I've had that wig for two years and it has seen some hard times, considering I knew just about nothing about wigs when I got it. So it's been abused and cried on a lot. At least it's held up this whole time!

@Ahiku: Thanks! And hey, cosplay's not for everyone. It's a ridiculous hobby that you spend all your time and money on and then you torture yourself by wearing clothes inappropriate for the weather. It takes a special kind of insanity, I think.

I'd like to try redoing my photos for the tutorial so it's a little clearer and less sloppy. I didn't want to make excuses, but halfway through documenting that, my huge headache decided to come back and by the time I was done I was ready to rip that wig right off. I didn't, though. I patiently and gently took it off, and then ripped out the pins and wig cap from my hair.

Also I think my Nezumi wig deserves a little love and care. It's too hot here to do anything else, anyway... Time for a bath, Nezumi!
Title: Re: No.6 cosplay
Post by: Vox on May 26, 2014, 06:06:47 pm
@Weisel Hehe. You're welcome ^,.,^
I like Nezumi's shirt from the manga much better. (The white one with black sleeves - ( It looks like the kind of thing I think is cool in general.

TBH, I don't think the people who designed the outfits for the anime were really that good at fashion to begin with. Eve's dress is endlessly disappointing to me. I mean, it's alright, but if I were to cosplay Eve I'm pretty sure I'd put him in something else. On one hand, it's well designed because it minimizes his male-ness (I know this because I have a friend who is a really great cross-dresser and she's looked at the clothing science behind it), but on the other hand, it's ugly. Of course, he's stuck in the West Block, and it's not like nice dresses grow on trees. But it doesn't look like they took that into account anyway.
Nezumi's coat/scarf combo is interesting, and Shion's outfit is alright (especially in the manga, where they gave him a beanie once). Safu, though... I've never seen a more generic-looking heroine in my life. Yeesh.

Oh, I've got a question. What do you do about Nezumi's pants? Usually people just sort of shred them in really fake and awkward looking ways. I mean, they looked fake and awkward in the anime, but that doesn't mean cosplayers have to play by those rules, hehe.

Also, thanks for making this tutorial even though you weren't feeling so great. It's much appreciated. =)
Title: Re: No.6 cosplay
Post by: Weisel on May 26, 2014, 08:59:56 pm
@Vox: I agree wholeheartedly on the shirt. I actually had a dream two nights ago that I found a shirt just like that and bought it. I was really disappointed when I woke up.
And I feel like you're right about their fashion sense. I mean, nearly everything in the anime is stuff I wouldn't wear outside of cosplay. I do like how Shion and Nezumi look in the manga, though. Better shirt and I like the beige sweater on Shion a lot more. I do remember listening in the No.6 DVD commentary that they changed some colors to brighten up their designs for the anime... Not sure if that was a wise move, guys. (Of course I end up wearing it all anyway, psh.) And when I cosplay Eve, it's a variation on what Eve looks like in the manga, so it'll be pretty different from the anime dress. (I'm pretty sure I'd look bad in that dress, anyway, even if I did like it.) Everyone's just a lot prettier in the manga!
As for pants, that's something I want to improve on as well. The cuts are a little fake looking on mine, but definitely not the "VVV" kind of cut. I'm currently trying to rough up the edges more with a seam ripper to mess up the loose fibers even more. It seems to be working pretty well. I'll post a picture on my blog when I'm all done so you can see what it looks like in the end. So I guess my best advice on that is avoid the "VVV" pattern and use a seam ripper to make it look more "natural." If only Nezumi would just tuck his darn pant leg into his boot, it wouldn't look like that.
And I'm always happy to help with things like tutorials! I did consider putting it off a day when the headache started, but I really wanted to get something posted for you soon even if it wasn't perfect just so you'd have something to start with. I'm planning to improve what I have, though. My Nezumi wig just got a bath and is drying now! Anyway, I really really love to be able to help with cosplay stuff since I love it so much! Plus then you don't have to spend two years of trial and error on your cosplays.

Okay, I'm rambling. I think it's because I'm hungry. Maybe.
Title: Re: No.6 cosplay
Post by: dragonflame185 on June 07, 2014, 06:48:37 am
So my wig just came in today! thank you so much for the seller suggestions, im very very happy with my new wig. :3 and thanks for the tutorial! My friend is wondering though, when will you be posing the tutorial on shion's scar? I don't mean to rush you or anything though! if anything just saying the product you use would be a big help. c: thank you once again!
Title: Re: No.6 cosplay
Post by: Weisel on June 08, 2014, 07:42:51 pm
@dragonflame185: Sorry for taking so long answering this! I meant to post a tutorial before I left for A-kon but it got crazy busy before I could actually do it. I'll try to post something once I get home a few days from now. But for right now, I'll tell you that my makeup method for Shion's scar is using a few layers of different products, starting with a primer, then lip liner, then filling that in with blush, then a layer of finishing powder followed by a makeup setter. You can use relatively cheap products from a drug store for your color and the rest is makeup essentials that definitely have uses for other than just a scar. I find that it doesn't quite survive a whole con day without rubbing onto my white shirt a bit, so my other method I'm using for situations like that where I need it to last a long time without worrying about the mess is using athletic tape. It's not as natural looking as the makeup method, but they both are pretty practical. Athletic tape is cheap to find online with an entire roll only being a few dollars and the only downfall is that it's like ripping off a bandaid when you take it off afterwards. I'd recommend using the makeup method for things like photo shoots where tiny little details really matter since it ends up looking really natural on your skin if you do it right. The tape method is great for cons when you need that mark to stay right where it is without any worries. I'll try to get a proper post up about it once I get home.

And I'm so glad to hear you like your wig! I've been hoping it'd turn out well for you!
Title: Re: No.6 cosplay
Post by: dragonflame185 on June 09, 2014, 07:37:06 am
Alright thanks! I will be sure to tell my friend how to do it. c: and yes its a great wig, just need to do a bit of cutting and then it will be perfect!~ ^^ thank you so much!
Title: Re: No.6 cosplay
Post by: Weisel on June 15, 2014, 11:42:22 pm
Here's my scar tutorial! (

I'll probably go back and improve it later once I'm done with moving next month. Things have been awfully busy.
Title: Re: No.6 cosplay
Post by: Weisel on July 04, 2014, 11:03:12 pm (

There's my tips on Nezumi's scarf! I can't believe how long it took me to actually post that. I promise I meant to do this a lot sooner.
Title: Re: No.6 cosplay
Post by: dragonflame185 on July 06, 2014, 08:03:59 am
ah! thank you for all the lovely and fantastic tips!!! ^w^ actually me and my friend went to a convention yesterday as shion and nezumi! so when she sends me the pictures I will be sure to post them owo again, thank you so much!
Title: Re: No.6 cosplay
Post by: Weisel on July 06, 2014, 04:35:09 pm
Oh, pictures would be awesome! Sorry I didn't get these posts up sooner, though! I just finished a bit of a hectic move, so I've been late getting things done left and right.
Title: Re: No.6 cosplay
Post by: Kai on June 28, 2015, 03:53:43 pm
*wipes the dust off the topic and drags it up front again*

Well, I'm still considering about the cosplay so far. But I am considering. I think Nezumi would be fun, and probably rather comfortable to wear for a con, especially if I would use my own hair. He doesn't have any crazy volume or strands that are defying gravity in the worst possible ways. I'd also rather take the manga approach where his hair is black, meaning I can do with black dye. I'd love to do that with real hair, because it's really hard to get a tight and high ponytail good looking on a wig.
Then I'm kind of considering Karan, because how often do you get to see side characters? Also I'm not that young anymore... so I could try the Mum approach. *chuckles*

I did a not very serious try of putting my hair up today and well:
By next year they'd be long enough to wrap a part around the tie and make the whole sticking out part a little shorter.

The one thing I have no idea yet is what to do with the make-up. Although I assume it will be less is more, for either Nezumi or Karan.
Title: Re: No.6 cosplay
Post by: Ahiku on June 28, 2015, 03:59:28 pm
I like your hair, it looks cute. o.o Somehow I think it's even better when you don't wear a wig. ^^ Especially those blue wigs look so weird sometimes, especially when they are full of hairspray to keep everything in place.
Title: Re: No.6 cosplay
Post by: Weisel on June 28, 2015, 05:27:22 pm
@Ahiku are you trash talking my Nezumi wig? Huh?! *sprays on ten more pounds or hairspray*

But really, if you can manage to pull off that look with your natural hair, that makes a cosplay way more comfortable. (I just don't have that luxury as someone with very little hair.) And cosplaying Nezumi's outfit is definitely super comfortable. No crazy shoes (I wear mine regularly because they're comfy!), comfy (ugly) pants, and the black jacket hides anything that stands out for those who have to bind. And it looks like your eye color matches well enough you wouldn't need contacts, so that's another bonus!
Title: Re: No.6 cosplay
Post by: Ahiku on June 28, 2015, 05:36:58 pm
@Ahiku are you trash talking my Nezumi wig? Huh?! *sprays on ten more pounds or hairspray*

No (;_;) OMG *hides the hairspray*
Yours is not like that. But I've seen a lot of horrible wigs when I searched cosplay pics. o.o I guess not even a hurricane will make that hair flutter through the air. X'D
Title: Re: No.6 cosplay
Post by: Kai on June 28, 2015, 05:51:47 pm
Yes, not wearing a wig will be a little bit of freedom. XD And I think Nezumi's hair style is one of few I can manage. (Since my hair is very heavy and refuses to be anything but straight.) Though I don't think I can go without hairspray for a whole con-day either. *grins*

Amen to the shoes! And don't you call cargo pants ugly, I used to wear them all the time before clothing stores decided that all they're going to sell now are skinny-jeans, ugh. (I even went into the men's section to try finding something else.) The black jacket will just be comfort, too for I have not much to bind, I think I'll go hunting for one when fall comes around and (fake)leather will be everywhere again (hopefully). Since that would be an item I could wear outside cosplay as well.

The eyecolour I wish. I just went and used a filter for black and white on the eyes. So I'd need contacts.
Title: Re: No.6 cosplay
Post by: Weisel on June 28, 2015, 06:31:21 pm
@Kai I'm not dissing cargo pants, just Nezumi's pants! Just look at that shredded bottom and the other leg tucked in! He's a fashion disaster!

Also as for the jacket, I actually found one that's linen last year (though the zipper is on the wrong side) so that's much kinder in hot weather. It's way more breathable than leather/fake leather. Plus I accidentally shrank it in the wash but it ended up fitting better, so there's that, too. Custom fit. ;D I know it's not as accurate, but it'll at least keep me from getting a heat stroke or something at a con and the only way to see it's not a "leather" jacket is to get right up close to it and feel it.

Also that photo totally had me fooled on your eye color! Well, that's a bummer, but at the same time, getting colored contacts is fun. Someday I want brown ones just to wear normally. I look way too mean with my gray/blue eyes. I look like I'm about to fight everyone.
Title: Re: No.6 cosplay
Post by: Ahiku on June 29, 2015, 06:01:47 am
Quote from: Weisel
Someday I want brown ones just to wear normally. I look way too mean with my gray/blue eyes. I look like I'm about to fight everyone.

YOU look mean? O_O Sorry, but you look rather cute to me. X'D I've seen meaner looking people.

I found a leather jacket that looked a lot like Nezumi's a while ago. X'D But Im definitely not the type for leather jackets, so I didn't buy it. *not suited for them or cosplay in general*
(When I want to buy new clothes, I always think: "Oh, this would look good on Shion/Nezumi/Safu/Inukashi, but in the end I can't find anything for myself. X'D This series is taking over my life.
Title: Re: No.6 cosplay
Post by: Kai on June 29, 2015, 12:14:05 pm
@Weisel Well, it's probably more convenient that way. I bet the shredded leg just slips out all the time, so he stopped bothering to stuff it back in? XD

Now I have to go look if you guys ever opened up a topic to discuss the story of Nezumi's pant leg...

And, you didn't strike me as mean either on those fotos I saw on the tutorial... light eyes are pretty cool.
Title: Re: No.6 cosplay
Post by: Weisel on June 29, 2015, 12:40:45 pm
I just look intimidating at first. I've scared my manager at my old job just by looking over at him. Since then, I've had to wonder how many other people I've scared before who didn't tell me... (I just have to face the facts that my bitchy resting face and scary piercing eyes are only good for cosplaying big ol' tsunderes.)

Also, as Vox has so eloquently written, Nezumi's pants are a visual representation of his emotions. The more you know. (
Title: Re: No.6 cosplay
Post by: Meopat on July 01, 2015, 09:43:40 am
OH MY GOD. Vox's analysis is gold. I have never laughed harder in my life XD Can I reblog this??

... and I know next to nothing about cosplay. but I'd say you've got a good start so far, Kai. :3
Title: Re: No.6 cosplay
Post by: Kai on July 01, 2015, 11:17:26 am
That analysis is nice indeed. XD

And thanks.

Though for staying on topic... My thinking slowly goes towards cosplaying Nezumi first. (Karan may be a nice second one?)
Do you have any tips for the make-up? Would you/Did you do anything specific to bring out his character?
The way I see it so far there should be enough accent on the eyes, but how do I make that so it won't look horribly female?
Title: Re: No.6 cosplay
Post by: Weisel on July 01, 2015, 01:41:58 pm
(Yes @Meopat, you can totally reblog that :D)

For makeup... I'm still trying to master mine. It depends on what I'm planning on doing in cosplay (so con makeup gets a little heavier eye makeup and just for personal photos gets less). Definitely waterlining makes a huge difference! That really brings out the eyes without making it look girly or heavy. Filling in my eyebrows also helps bring the focus to the top half of my face. Also this is just something I have to do because I have a rounder face, but it might work for you as well, but I contour my nose so it looks thinner and sharper so it's more to Nezumi's image. Also a "smaller" appearing nose makes the eyes more of a focus.
Title: Re: No.6 cosplay
Post by: Kai on July 01, 2015, 02:27:55 pm
The make-up is always the hardest part for me... I barely use any, so I have no idea. I'm too pale for most make-up brands anyways, basically... the last time I found make-up that actually did match my skintone was during vacation in London. And if you are that pale just a little make up can make you look like you've tried paining on a clown face. That discourages you from trying when you're a teenager... For cosplay I'm now just trying whatever and tutorials on the web and... kinda... look what I end up like.

Would it be too bold to attach a picture and ask for tips on my face? (I wouldn't consider my face very round and from the right angles I tell myself I can pull of a guy not that bad - except for my lips I haven't managed to make them look thinner so far... slapping on concealer does not work that well.)
Title: Re: No.6 cosplay
Post by: Weisel on July 01, 2015, 02:51:39 pm
You can certainly post a picture! I'm not a makeup pro as I only use it for cosplay, but I'll do what I can to help! (Also I feel you on the skin thing, I have to buy all the lightest colored products and blend really well.)
Title: Re: No.6 cosplay
Post by: Kai on July 01, 2015, 03:18:06 pm
Alright, have my probably most female looking picture I ever managed, but it's the only one where my hair's out of my face.
And one with my current hairstyle, because I'll try using my real hair for the cosplay. (Don't even ask... I can't pose for my life that's the next problem... if I'm told to do something with my hands... why not lean on them, because that makes total sense when I have a book in my fingers...)

I feel like a huge nerd for that second picture. Really... but I'll trust you not to laugh.

(I am too old for this... *drops face into hands*)

Bad light is my friend, I am sorry for that.
Title: Re: No.6 cosplay
Post by: Weisel on July 01, 2015, 03:40:12 pm
Hm, I'd say even though you already have a thin nose, contouring the sides a little will help it show up that way head on (though that could just be the lighting). Definitely fill in your eyebrows with a darker color so they show up behind your bangs (I personally use an eyeliner pencil for mine, but I like having really bold eyebrows for cosplays). Use eyeliner for your waterline (the top lid and the outer half of the bottom lid) and another thin line on your top eyelid with the end extending out a bit to make your eyes stand out without making them super big looking. There are also lots of youtube videos on using contouring/highlighting to bring out your features, but that's all up to you!

Oh yeah, if you do use eyeliner on your waterline, make sure to buy a kind that says it's good for the waterline, otherwise it'll run and you'll look quite scary! (I've done that and scared MYSELF!) Also as for contouring, you can get some bronzer that's just a little bit darker than your skin tone. I usually go two shades darker than the lightest color for mine, so maybe you'll only need it to be one shade darker.

And all of this is just advice, you can pick and choose what you want to do! Experiment and have fun with it! And if anyone else has advice, please feel free to add in. I am certainly not the queen of makeup here.
Title: Re: No.6 cosplay
Post by: Kai on July 01, 2015, 04:17:31 pm
The contouring I've already been working on and trying. (Since I plan to cosplay guys.) But I never dared to go too strong on the eyebrows (only gently making them a little thicker), my mother thought it be nice to have someone do it professionally for a picture when I was 16... I never wanted to look like that ever again... I looked like a clown, my eyebrows especially. Though I will try (as Nezumi does not have very thick brows, so maybe it doesn't look that weird if I darken them more) and I'll definitely try extending the line with the eyeliner. Try around there.

And thanks for the tips. It already helps a lot to know where to try around. ^^
Title: Re: No.6 cosplay
Post by: Weisel on July 01, 2015, 04:33:09 pm
You're welcome! That was pretty fun to do, actually! I've had roommates want to cosplay and so I make their cosplays and then they refuse to even try makeup... I mean, cosplay is just for fun, but... LET ME DO EVERYONE'S MAKEUP!! (I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm just... passionate.)
Title: Re: No.6 cosplay
Post by: Kai on December 29, 2015, 11:17:31 am
I've been trying some of the tips, though it's still a bit of a lucky shot more often than not to get the eyeliner to not look funky.

But here are some of the results. I don't mind more tips or ideas!

The first one I was rather proud of, though I didn't intend to do the make up for Nezumi, but it would fit more for him then the character I had aimed at. I'm wearing a pair of blue contact lenses for that. (If you can even tell, I have a tendency to try things out later at night and then only have the option of bad lighting.)

The second one is a bit more subtle and actually something I am comfortable wearing going out on the street on an everyday basis, but I think that's where I'll be aiming towards for a Nezumi cosplay, subtle but enhancing. No lenses or anything, I still need a pair of grey lenses. I haven't yet seen a pair where I though 'THAT' is what I want.

I still absolutely can't do any 'wings'/extending the line of the upper part out. That always ends up horrible. Make up is no easy art.
Title: Re: No.6 cosplay
Post by: Weisel on December 29, 2015, 04:17:08 pm
Omg wow! Those both look so intense like Nezumi's eyes! And I totally feel the "late at night cosplay test" issue, I usually do that too. I'd totally direct you to some contacts for Nezumi, but I have yet to see any that look perfect for him. Anyway, looks awesome!
Title: Re: No.6 cosplay
Post by: Ghosty on December 29, 2015, 10:51:38 pm
ooh the way you did the eyeliner looks really nice and intense. your eyes are so pretty, they definitely have a "nezumi" look to them with how thinly shaped they are
Title: Re: No.6 cosplay
Post by: Kai on January 31, 2016, 05:11:06 pm
... now I removed my last post instead of editing it. Way to go with not reading what the warning says.

But the last one wasn't anything proper anyways. I did comment on how after the visit to the hairdresser my hair was partially too short for a pony tail. But it's long enough again! And I'm pretty happy with it no need to cosplay book version Nezumi anymore.

There was also a thank you for the compliments!

Still haven't got any proper contacts, the one's I'm wearing here are way too blue, but I wanted to see how something really light would look so I put them in. What I'm really more happy with now is the hair, a little bit of a trim for the bangs maybe, but that's almost more of a tiny detail left. (I do want the deep black, not the anime-version colour, it's just personal taste.)
I think I might try taking a picture with the leather jacket and scarf as substitute for the cape next time (I don't have the jacket with me right now or I would have experimented with that now...) for now it's an old way too big T-shirt that made me take the liberty of lounging around. Maybe I should have picked up a book while I was at it.

But now I can actually call this a prototype for the cosplay to come.

I'm excited.
Title: Re: No.6 cosplay
Post by: Weisel on January 31, 2016, 06:06:33 pm
Omg very nice!!! Your hair looks super cool, much better than I could ever make my ponytail look. And I do think those contacts work well personally. They look natural enough and they don't scream "BLUE!"
Title: Re: No.6 cosplay
Post by: Kai on October 01, 2016, 01:54:03 pm
My cosplay is getting more and more complete. I'm still trying around with make up though. But I just rediscovered this on my phone and I wanted to share. What do you think? Any tips?

Klick here, because it's not exactly small. (
Title: Re: No.6 cosplay
Post by: Weisel on October 07, 2016, 10:33:47 pm
I finally remembered to come back and view this... I couldn't open the link on the phone app and I didn't have wifi at the time. Anyway...

So I'm super loving the lower lash liner to make the eyes pop! Your eyes definitely look stormy gray like that. I do have a couple pointers on making that work without making your eyes look any smaller (which lower eyeliner does tend to do), and usually with cosplay it's best to make your eyes look as naturally big as possible. Because anime (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

I just found this video yesterday and I am definitely using it for future reference. It has a bunch of tips that apply to cosplay makeup, especially for characters like Nezumi who have narrower eyes (so no need for falsies, thank god). I definitely recommend trying out the extended inner eye as well as the tight lining techniques. That will totally bring out your eye color and achieve the "intense Nezumi eyes" look. (

As for products, I tend to go cheap and get this one super low price brand called e.l.f. but I'm guessing it's not an international brand. I haven't had much issue with cheaper pencil liners, but the liquid liner and waterline liner have been problems for me. I'd recommend doing a little research on those products before buying any. My eyes water constantly, so I have to use the most waterproof liner available if I don't want it running down my eyelids. My eyes water so much that I have to clean off flecks of tears that my eyelashes flick onto my glasses, and sometimes when I lie down on my side tears just fall out of my eye. Very awkward when I'm around other people. ("why are you crying, Amanda?!" "I'm not, my eyes just do this." "right... so really, why are you crying?") Also for the liquid liner, I haven't found the best stuff for me yet. Mine tends to flake off and look kinda crummy once it's dry. I'm not sure if it's because I have oily eyelids or if it's just junky makeup. So yeah, experiment and have fun! And of course, remember to set your eye makeup once it's done! I really need to invest in some quality makeup setter myself... Someday lol.

If you'd like to make your nose look a bit narrower, there are easy methods of contouring to get that look. I personally have to do this for nearly every cosplay, the only exceptions being Armin from Attack on Titan (he's got a round button nose lol) and my Journey cosplay which I wear a mask for. So here's a video all about how to do that.

I know she uses fancy products for this, but the only things I use for this are cheap bronzer and some white eyeshadow. The reason I go with white for highlighting is because I have super pale skin... The lightest shades of foundation in stores makes me look tanner, but I'm not gonna spend more money special ordering any online. I'm not that dedicated. Feel free to use whatever you'd like for that, whether you're cheap like me or going for higher quality stuff that's actually meant for contouring and highlighting. Bottom line is that the highlighter should be one shade lighter than your skin and the contour should be a shade darker than your skin. Also this step should be done after applying your foundation, and make sure to set it when you're all done!

I'll attach a photo of my contour makeup, before and after comparison.

And one more thing... Your hair looks PERFECT. I internally screamed when I opened the link to your photo and saw your hair. And you're using your natural hair, aren't you? I'm so jealous ;_;
Title: Re: No.6 cosplay
Post by: Kai on October 08, 2016, 05:43:23 pm
Coincidentally I watched that exact video on eyeliner about two days ago. But I never manage to make it look like that, I've never practiced, so I have something to catch up there. I still just do the waterline most of the time. As for contouring I'm working more and more with that, but the lighting and the camera is not exactly optimal, I think it was light from the laptop screen and my phone? Although I am glad my phone kinda clears out the skin.

For the eyes, I still have to get contacts, those are my plain eyes and to get that bigger anime eye look... it's better with slightly larger contacts, because otherwise you have too much emphasize on the whites? At least that's how I feel. And that make up brand you mentioned, no that doesn't exist here. But I've discovered this one named catrice that is fairly cheap but quite alright and another one called essence usually hase some good stuff. The only thing I'm struggling with is foundation, because drugstore brands are not light enough for me. I mostly use a BB cream that has decent coverage that I got on ebay (from Korea).

As for the hair, yes, that is no wig and I want to keep it that way, even though there have been others who think I'm crazy if I want to pull off a cosplay without a wig. But I still think a tight ponytail looks better when it's real and I like my hair, I have a lot, straight and healthily silky hair so I don't feel uncomfortable. (My hair is that one feature I actually like about myself XD) Also Nezumi's little ponytail is actually how I run around at work as well, the time it takes to style that isn't even a minute. Grab, pull up, shake out the fringe and tie, done. So for a convention I guess I'd just set the front with hairspray and so I can redo the ponytail if it gets messy without having to fuss over it for an hour in the bathroom.

Sadly the haircolour I have been using and liking seems to have been discontinued and now I need to find a new brand that I like. (Being naturally dark blonde...) Not quite satisfied with any new one so far...

I've been daring and tried this blue-black that barely had a shine of blue though. (Picture attached, please don't look at my face, I'm not wearing make up at all)
But I think I'd rather look further for another one that is just really deep, dark black, because that also works a bit smoother with my very pale skin tone. More of a neutral to neutral tone instead of a cold one.
Title: Re: No.6 cosplay
Post by: Kai on November 26, 2018, 01:07:48 pm
It's a double post, but to bring it back after woah, two years!

I like to think that my cosplay game has progressed a little bit. Unfortunately however I no longer have my own hair black. So I will have to look for a wig. I never got around to get proper grey circle lenses... I did try with bright blue ones - that is one of the last pictures with my real hair but the blue is definitely not really Nezumi. And the next one is with a short wig, so it would be book-version... but I like the warmer light and softer angle. (I do have a narrow slightly edgy face...)