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Title: Highschool AU Headcanons!!
Post by: Vox on October 28, 2014, 12:40:50 pm
So, they said this board was good for headcanons... and who doesn't like a good old high school AU????

Imagine: Shion is in the late 10th or early 11th grade. Nezumi (who has a tendency, it must be admitted, to show up out of nowhere) is new to the area/school/what have you... Shenanigans ensue. Let's talk about them!

A few ideas: what does AU Nezumi wear, because I can see him as a variety of things, including a part time sk8r boi.
Also, who thinks there's a possibility that Nezumi would ask Shion to rehearse with him for some kind of school play (Nezumi's gotta either be in a school play, or be in a real play on a real stage all secret secret), because I am totally feeling the "stage kiss which is not really a stage kiss oh **** now we're dating" thing.
Actually, wouldn't it be great if Nezumi asked Shion to rehearse with him and told Shion he was terrible, but then like half the cast gets sick and Shion actually has to go on stage? I'm just saying.
Also, where does Safu fit into this? Best friend/possible girlfriend?? Anyone??
Title: Re: Highschool AU Headcanons!!
Post by: AoYokai on October 28, 2014, 04:08:33 pm
I vote Safu is Shion's best friend and possibly Inukashi's girlfriend? Like, maybe Inukashi needs to get tutoring (because a teacher makes her/him, not because s/he wants to) and Safu needs volunteer hours or something so they meet and it kinda progresses from there?

I like the idea that Nezumi would want Shion to practice with him only so he can make fun of him, and if he gets a kiss out of it that's great :)

How would they meet? Would Nezumi get placed in some high-leveled science class for some reason but won't be able to change it because of schedule problems, and Nezumi can totally handle it but for some reason he resents people who are all science-y (no Nezumi don't hate me). So Shion changes his view about that? And Nezumi opens Shion up to more artsy subjects?
Title: Re: Highschool AU Headcanons!!
Post by: listenforthelove on October 28, 2014, 04:41:34 pm

School plays are a must for high school AUs, haha, especially with characters like Nezumi, that's just asking for it. I like @Vox's idea of Shion rehearsing with him and then accidentally ending up on stage! He'd probably be pretty good too after all that practice.

Ahh, Safu! She'd likely be top of the class, Shion a very close second (or he might start slacking a bit after meeting Nezumi, hmm...). I do love her friendship with Shion so that'd be nice to see in a less - eh - No.6-esque school setting, lacking a better word. Totally with @AoYokai there, haha.
So like a school where they do get to express themselves. Maybe Safu would actually be good in arts? Painting or writing? I'd imagine her art being pretty bold compared to what people might expect when they first meet her.

Ah, Inukashi would not be pleased with this school thing, I imagine... Probably might need tutoring. Hm-m. Yep. Study group? All four of them? <<

Nezumi and Shion meeting, hm... my first idea was that Shion would be class rep in charge of taking care of the new student, but I'm fairly sure there are 50 fanfics like that already, haha. I do love Nezumi and Shion showing each other their own ways as @Aoyokai suggested, that's very nice!
Title: Re: Highschool AU Headcanons!!
Post by: AoYokai on October 28, 2014, 04:50:44 pm
OMG THE  GROUP HAVING A STUDYING SLEEPOVER. Inukashi is studying to this important test so everyone come around to help her/him but in reality Nezumi teases Inukashi endlessly, Shion is in charge of making sure Nezumi won't tease Inukashi endlessly (possibly by making out in the bathroom just saying) and Safu is the only one actually teaching Inukashi.
Oh and about the performance, Nezumi would have all these insults about Shion's performance ready for later, but when they go on stage, Shion is so good Nezumi almost forgets his lines :P
Title: Re: Highschool AU Headcanons!!
Post by: listenforthelove on October 29, 2014, 04:29:30 pm
STUDY SLEEPOVER YESSSS! All of them stuffed in a small room, impromptu pillow fights and midnight snacks and stupid games and those deep conversations with your friends you only really have at 3 AM and watching the sunrise since you're already up anyway, and falling asleep on each other's shoulders and/or laps because that was a long, long night. (OK that's maybe not the way to go with a study sleepover, apologies.)

Nezumi forgetting his lines because of Shion is a precious image~
Title: Re: Highschool AU Headcanons!!
Post by: Weisel on October 29, 2014, 04:34:37 pm
OH, I have a question! What do you think the four would eat for lunch at school? Like, who packs what, who buys the school lunch, who refuses to buy certain school lunches...

Safu and Shion definitely pack, and I think Inukashi would buy school lunch.

Of course Shion gets baked good every day in his lunch. (and I think he still eats PB+J like a five year old...)
Title: Re: Highschool AU Headcanons!!
Post by: listenforthelove on October 29, 2014, 04:43:20 pm
Oh, good one, @Weisel!

Yeah, Shion would definitely pack lunch, Karan will take care of that if he doesn't. Maybe Nezumi will just steal from his lunch and Shion's so used to it he just takes extra these days?
I can see Safu making a responsible box for herself, though Karan might also start slipping her things every now and then... And actually, maybe Inukashi steals from Safu and/or Shion too, hmm. Or indeed, just buy school lunch.
Title: Re: Highschool AU Headcanons!!
Post by: Weisel on October 29, 2014, 05:26:21 pm
AAAAAND goldfish crackers. Shion probably has cute little goldfish crackers in his lunch most days.
Title: Re: Highschool AU Headcanons!!
Post by: Vox on October 29, 2014, 06:22:08 pm
Here's an interesting question: financial status of students. We can assume that Nezumi either has a terribly tragic backstory, or he miraculously has a family but is still the same snarky Nezumi, even if he is left up. I was just wondering about it because I feel like Inukashi, being born and raised in the West Block in canon, would be on reduced lunch. And Safu would notice, and start bringing him food, and then mention it to Shion who would be like, "Holy flip, my mother is baker, why didn't someone tell me?" and just bring Inukashi different kinds of muffins every day.
And Inukashi wouldn't want to accept it, necessarily, but I think he has less pride than Nezumi, so he might be of the mindset that, "if they want to waste their time and money on me, why should I say no?"
Besides, no one can resist Karan's muffins. No one.

Going back to the question of how do Nezumi and Shion meet, I think the class rep thing is a bit overdone. I mean, did they even have those in your high schools? They didn't have them in mine...
I'm thinking of something more along the lines of: one time in middle school Shion did something nice for Nezumi. He hasn't forgotten this.
Skip to present: Because of this, Shion has Nezumi's interest. Because HS AUs are nice and domestic, they could then meet for some really, really innocuous reason... like, just that Nezumi wants to get a date. Could be simple as that.
But Shion is too oblivious to know he's being pursued, so maybe not so simple.

An amusing idea: Shion is getting picked on, Nezumi steps in to defend him, and then Shion is just like, "those guys were making fun of me? I didn't even notice!" and Nezumi's like, "Well then how am I ever supposed to be your knight in shining armour you are foiling me at every turn please notice me already I'm starting to think you're asexual or something gogdamnit"
Title: Re: Highschool AU Headcanons!!
Post by: Weisel on October 29, 2014, 06:52:03 pm
@Vox I think if Nezumi didn't have the tragic backstory but was just as angry and snarky, he'd have like this cool, sort of bohemian family... Like, they'd have unique jobs and they'd encourage Nezumi and his sister to pursue their interests rather than fit the norm. And Nezumi would be this angry anarchist teenager who doesn't do his homework but gives heated speeches about controversial topics when he has to give some kind of presentation... I don't know, I just see him as being difficult in the confines of a school.
Title: Re: Highschool AU Headcanons!!
Post by: Vox on October 29, 2014, 07:01:08 pm

Dude Nezumi is such a big baby i love him XD

I wonder if he'd actually care about a cause in particular, of if he'd be a rebel without a cause...
Probably a bit of both.
And he'd always want Shion to skip school with him and stuff, and Shion would be all, noooooooooooooooo
but sometimes they'd go on really fun adventures when they should be in school anyway...
shion's grades wouldnt' suffer too much because he's such a good student. but maybe they get caught by the truancy officer one time or something XD
Title: Re: Highschool AU Headcanons!!
Post by: AoYokai on October 29, 2014, 08:32:13 pm
OKOK Nezumi and Inukashi know each other because they both live in this shady neighborhood, Safu's family would be rich I guess because she's an elite but back to @Vox's idea about Nezumi's date thing. Inukashi and Nezumi are like best friends that act like they hate each other and one day they talk about who could get a date first and Nezumi's like 'I could get anyone I want in [enter time limit]' then Inukashi says: 'oh yeah? how about *scans the place* this guy? *points at Shion*' and s/he turns around to give him a smirk like 'ha bet you thought it'll be a girl' but before s/he can say that Nezumi's like 'you're on!'

Nezumi would tell Shion all about everything that's wrong with society and Shion would feel really guilty and Nezumi will end up trying to convince him to stop from tattooing something about rare plants from wherever all over his butt or something. Ok not that in particular, but he will need to tell him how everything he said about society is not that important because Shion feels really guilty and does crazy things to help.
Title: Re: Highschool AU Headcanons!!
Post by: Weisel on October 29, 2014, 08:38:45 pm
@AoYokai I wholeheartedly support best frienemies Inukashi and Nezumi. I had a friendship like that in high school and it reminds me exactly of that. We fought and competed for years and then just ended up friends who harassed each other and battled with music stands and complained about everything together. It was a very special friendship. Anyway, I can see those two having a similar dynamic.