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Re: No. 6 translations
« Reply #15 on: January 05, 2015, 03:34:20 pm »
@Ahiku: but... they... kept things like Lost Town, right? Which is also English? I mean, it's Eva in Dutch too for the Biblical Eve, but I'm quite sure the slightly older audience (like the target audience of No. 6...) got the joke with, say, EVE in Wall-E. It's becoming a trend here now to use English names for Dutch kids anyway... globalization and all... maybe that's just Dutch but yeah. Very curious to their explanation in the next volume, that's for sure XD; It's way harder to explain why he'd use a generally male name when he presents as female than it is to explain 'Eve is English'. Especially since they had no problem keeping Japanese names for Nezumi and Inukashi, so they have no objections to foreign nicknames that probably need footnotes, apparently?