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Re: No. 6 translations
« Reply #15 on: January 05, 2015, 03:56:16 pm »
It's becoming a trend here now to use English names for Dutch kids anyway
Yeah, here too... ^^ You can be glad when it's just English. X'D People tend to have very weird names... that's something I have to witness each day at work. Sometimes I really thought they are kidding me and use some kind of phantasy names.

And yes, Lost Town and Violence Chip are still in English. And most people should now that Eve = Eva. Especially when you give it a little footnote. I don't understand why they think it's confusing. (Do you know Tokyo Godfathers? They also didn't change "Hana's" name. He was a drag artist before he ended up homeless, and he's gay. And I bet in the German version, most people think his name is "Hannah", since they never note it down. That's also no problem. X'D But Nezumi is apparently not allowed to have a girl's name.>,<)

Oh yeah, I'm also very curious to their explanation.