Author Topic: Timeline in No. 6 - help?  (Read 1025 times)


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Re: Timeline in No. 6 - help?
« on: November 01, 2014, 12:27:32 pm »
Omg, this is really interesting. o.o Ah... I always thought they spent like...half a year together and the Holy Celebration is in spring, or shortly before spring.

(I mean when Nezumi leaves Shion behind it's definitely spring, at least in the manga version. So we could also ask... How long did he stay there? A couple of days? Several weeks? o.o He had to recover. And Karan had to wash Nezumi's pants with her super washing powder... really how was she even able to remove the blood... Please Karan, give Nezumi one of Shion's pants. Or buy him another, not so awkward one next time <_<)

Uhm... I think I'm not a big help at all.
I just know when Karan and Yomin meet each other.

The Holy Celebration was next week. It was a day that marked the founding of the city. Parties and celebratory events would be held all over town.
Vol. 3 ch. 2

This is the part when the nurse dies... and Karan is sitting on the bench talking to that spy granny. So I guess it's shortly after Safu being kidnapped.

Well, things totally rush then...
I mean... Safu is kidnapped... Nezumi knows it half a day later. I guess the same or next day he's going to task Inukashi... and another 1-2 days later, Shion is finding the coat (I guess it will need a couple of days until it's in the clothing store... Inukashi has to smuggle it first...)
The same evening Shion kisses him... the next day Nezumi stops him and they starting their little plan concering Fura. That evening or the next day ( I dunno how fast Rikiga could arrange a meeting with Fura...) they know more about the map... And I think Shion told somewhere that he had learned the map for 3 days (but I'm not sure about it...) ^^

So we have Safus kidapping (1 day), the next day Inukashi smuggling the coat, Nezumi talking to her (2 days), the day after that (or maybe two days after that) Shion finding the coat and kissing Nezumi (3 days), Nezumi stopping Shion, plan (4 days), Fura (5 days), 3 days left until manhunt... maybe 8 days after Safu's kidnapping.

Well... but I also don't understand why it's always spring when it's still December and still 2017. Even if it's something like New Year's Eve, there are still a several months left until spring. ^^
Very confusing.